yuri n wine Sep 28, 2019 1:13AM

Hetero harem shows are an excellent source of yuri, this picture is one proof of that

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BugDevil Sep 28, 2019 3:33AM

I actually had miniscule hope for the world when Mikan showed more subtext with Yami than she did with her blood related brother.
Of course I will always be disappointed by harem shit, but there was hope... once.

Norainhere Sep 28, 2019 3:36AM

I stopped following To-Love-Ru's sequel years ago, but a tiny part of me always held hope for this ship. Alas, it wasn't meant to be, apparently.

Are there any cases where a yuri-ship actually goes somewhere in an otherwise het harem series? The only one I can think of is Negima with Konoka and Setsuna. And The Fourth Heroine, in a meta sort of way.

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Guardian of the Lilies Sep 28, 2019 3:41AM

I kind of wanted this ship to happen, but it probably won’t. It would have been a dream if it became canon.

BugDevil Sep 28, 2019 3:42AM

^Darkness started to heavily focus on Yami and Rito's forced interest in each other, so I think it was dead on arrival (although I stopped reading Darkness like halfway through. Too unbearable).
PS: There is another yuri ship that was kinda teased in Darkness. Nana and Mea. Of course I have no hope that ever worked out.

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juanelric Sep 28, 2019 3:48PM

There's also Risa x Momo, though Risa is bi and only interacted with Momo in one OVA and Risa was molesting Momo (which I know a lot of people don't like)

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Mimiyaah Sep 28, 2019 9:36PM

I love this~ about time

PendragonVMAX Sep 30, 2019 1:42AM

I think you guys forgetting about the OG LalaXHaruna. Though, mostly the setup is for them to become rod sisters so, you kinda have to squint hard even with thick yuri goggle. But I had hope for them.

BugDevil Sep 30, 2019 3:23AM

^"Rod sisters" may very well be the worst term I have ever been forced to witness.

Rye Sep 30, 2019 5:16AM

TLR is depressing to me. The artist is just wasting his talent on this PoS, they could at least make some quality yuri porn tbh.
But hey, sales is the only thing that matters.

BugDevil Sep 30, 2019 5:20AM

^You know that if he was making porn it would be het tho.
I totally agree on the wasted talent however. Black Cat is one of my favorite manga and shows that he could in fact write decent stories once.

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Rye Sep 30, 2019 5:31AM

Bruh! Black cat is awesome! Seeing the recycled characters on TLR put me in a state of denial when I first saw it.
Eh, at least the GD x Mikan fan art is usually pretty good. It's something I guess.

Oh, I obviously specified "yuri porn" because of personal preference but technically yuri pr0n would be an easier transition. No need to draw censored rods.

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juanelric Sep 30, 2019 8:46AM

@BugDevil well, Yabuki only illustrates To Love-Ru, it's Saki Hasemi writing.

But yeah, I agree that his talent is being wasted. I never watched Black Cat though, should I add it to my never-ending backlog?

BugDevil Sep 30, 2019 8:48AM

^Pretty sure Yabuki wrote the original To Love Ru as well. He isn't just an illustrator.
If you wanna enjoy Black Cat, the best way is the manga. The anime was done before the manga ended and has a really weird made up final arc (kinda like the original FMA). The anime is an acid trip tho, so if you finished the manga it's worth checking out just for the spectacle.

juanelric Oct 1, 2019 9:06PM