Norainhere Feb 5, 2019 10:31PM

Note that this is the manga's original author who made this! Looking at the source, it seems that Kaishaku was surprised this got so many likes and retweets on Twitter, considering how long it's been.

kickap00 Feb 5, 2019 10:56PM

I like the updated style

koniny Feb 5, 2019 11:10PM

We deserve a Remake!!

Maifate Feb 6, 2019 1:02AM

Wow, still nice ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Kyumaki Feb 6, 2019 2:55AM

Remake !!!!

TheRaptureKing Feb 6, 2019 3:10AM

Man This Takes Me Back When I Started Getting Into Anime And Buying It With My First Paycheack In High School. Whats Funny Was That This Was My Very Frist Anime!

SulliMike23 Feb 6, 2019 6:01AM

Remake please!

Aile Feb 6, 2019 9:12AM

I hope kaishaku will remake the entire kannazuki, but without the mecha, it is the very first yuri i ever watch, and i really like it, but the mecha is really out of place. (also souma, why the hell there is a guy in there, REEE)

Mimiyaah Feb 6, 2019 2:33PM

Ohhh damn~ such a remake of these twoo~ been so long since i seen thrm as well .-.

SamuariXX Feb 6, 2019 4:35PM

^^I agree about the mechs (despite how much I love mecha) but don't take away Souma he was a major part of the story and his choice at the end was awesome and a big part of why a respect him so much.

Yukari Yakumo Feb 6, 2019 8:42PM

This series is how I got into yuri
Still adore it more than any other series ever.

FoxPaw Feb 6, 2019 9:04PM

As my first yuri, KnM will always hold a special place in my heart. Love these two! <3

Tsuki-chan Feb 7, 2019 8:11AM

I do not agree that Souma was out of place, I was actually glad that a guy was also in the picture. It's not like you have yuri just because you don't have guys around.

Bellalizz Feb 7, 2019 2:38PM

The mecha in the anime might of sucked and that random guy sucked too but I mean end of the day Himeko still falls for Chikane so idc :D but if we remove the annoying random guy and the mecha then the story wouldn’t of had developed like it did. I think the Author should just make the after or an alternative version of the story instead. This is my favorite yuri anime all in all despite the ending and the sadness chikane endured throughout the whole anime.

Kyumaki Feb 7, 2019 3:14PM

Chikane was the real MVP.
I would die for a remake though... Even though I think if it happened, they'd probably keep in the mecha as it was a pretty big part of it.

roachjack7 Feb 11, 2019 4:12AM

This evokes some good memories. Been more than a decade since I first watched this series. Still love these two just as much as I did back then <3

Lily_Writer Apr 7, 2019 6:57PM

Everybody’s talking about changing the stuff about the mecha and Souma-kun on a hypothetical remake, but you know what I’d like? Better character development and better handling of Chikane and Himeko’s romance. Like, I can think of tons of different ways she could try to make Himeko hate her instead of what she chose to do (it’s literally the only thing stopping this anime from bigger praise!), or, even of they don’t remove it, at least create greater consequences! We get it, Himeko is kind, weak and forgiving, but everyone has limits. We won’t have them if they argue about their relationship (you know, like a normal couple?). And also, a little more spotlight to Mako-chan, please? Athlete, great friend, real fighter that stands up even in difficult times. More of her.
P.S.: Please keep the ending song. “Agony” is hauntingly beautiful.

jsrail May 4, 2019 8:27PM

Some forget the reason Chikane raped Himeko was so she would no longer be a virgin and thus disqualified from being the sacrifice the Orochi Necks were looking for, not to make her hate her. The other things she did were meant to make her hate her. The anime misses the point of this and screws up the original intent. If it was too rough for TV, they should have left the molestation out altogether from the anime. The manga had it correct. The anime ruined the story flow. I agree that I wish they would have spent more time on the pairs history. They could have added an episode's worth of time inserting more of how Chikane came to love Himeko and vice versa and a little less time on Himeko and Souma's relationship.

Valanz Jul 16, 2019 1:30AM


Mai Kitty Nov 19, 2019 12:40AM

hit the nail right on the head with the improved character development because that's one of my biggest pet peeves when it came to the show