blopa Nov 22, 2018 5:09AM

So... Reimu and Keine just got NTR'd?

Also, allow me to help you notice the pubic hair-like joint of Remi and Flan's wings. You now can't unsee it.

last edited at Nov 22, 2018 5:12AM

Freya Nov 23, 2018 1:36PM

I've never seen it this way but i'd assume it looks like veins where they are connecting. Doesn't look like hair to me at least. I wouldn't go as far as cheating just because they're close atm. from how they're dressed it looks like they came together reixmari & keinexmokou.

Nezchan Nov 24, 2018 9:53AM

I really like Sakuya’s outfit there. Green really suits her.