Hauteclere Oct 8, 2018 10:20PM

So much good yuri potential from Octopath Traveler. I would love to see Ophilia x H'aanit, they're already flirting in-game.

Givemeanaccount Oct 8, 2018 10:22PM

^ Is there really? I'm planning on renting it

Hauteclere Oct 8, 2018 10:31PM

Well, there's a conversation between them that basically goes (paraphrasing here):
H'aanit: You're beautiful.
Ophilia: You're more beautiful.
H'aanit: Wanna hang out?
Ophilia: Sure!

There are also two side characters, Lianna and Eliza, whom I swear the game implied got together at the end. Most of it is pretty subtle, though, and they do occasionally talk about men, but if you're a yuri fan, you'll have some fun.

Givemeanaccount Oct 8, 2018 10:37PM

So, not only is the game, from what I've heard, really good, but it's also got yuri subtext? Fuck yes

bodevanlot Oct 8, 2018 11:26PM

Praise Ondine, praise the sun! I will forever love her works, so nice to see something new, and for something I'm currently playing, no less.
I think H'aanit could definitely be into girls. In a perfect world, she and Primrose would have a series of talks where Primrose gradually brings that out, & then H'aanit would start making lasses swoon everywhere she goes. But, alas, I'll have to make do with fanworks & imagination.

Froppy Oct 9, 2018 9:33AM


Linterdiction Oct 11, 2018 3:10AM

I never knew this would see the light of day, I thought is was just a weird crack ship I found while playing. But fuuuck, can you imagine Ophelia’s empathy and kindness helping Primrose recover from her deep emotional trauma as she receives tenderness for the first time since she was a child while Primrose teaches a starry-eyed Ophelia how to be confident and worldly, and to value her self as she deserves to? And they slowly fall in love and develop a kind, nurturing, and super-healthy relationship with each other? Because I have definitely imagined this myself, if you can’t tell.