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joined Oct 8, 2010, bacefook-chained children?

Force them to use old, physical media! (Books, newspapers, magazines, and the like): 19%
Join in with them! No child of yours can have fun while you're around.: 17%
No torturing! They're going to have the least attentive minds out of all o' ya (but their multi-tasking will be the shit)!: 15%
Use parental spying tools! ("Dad, why isn't my password for WoW 2.0 working?" "Because you're not skilling your heal-a-tank-a-din right scrub."): 12%
Computer restrictions! (Dual-core? Why are you giving me a laptop from 2010!? What the heck is Linux!?): 10%
Website restrictions! (WHY WON'T YOU LET ME USE GOOGLE!? And why are we using Netscape Browser!?): 9%
ISP restrictions! (ie. force them to use only dial-up): 7%
Pen and paper for school! (No erasers, they're out of business): 7%
Local programming [for television] only!: 4%

982 total votes

Man, you oldies really want them to use old media. Get with the times :P (yes I voted for it).

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