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[Houtsuki Shiina/椎名抱月] Happy Jets 1
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This is a webcomic.
As you could have guessed if you've been reading the previous release posts.
Basically what happened was that Seravi (the robot translator) got permission from the author to release this thang in english. Then, naturally, we slacked on it for months.

Excuse the horribly tiny resolution and occasional JPEG artifact you may stumble upon. these raws weren't exactly saved in high quality.
Chapter 2, which will be coming Soon™ will have much better quality thanks to layered PSDs.

Now go read it.
Do it.

Ps. We're still not alive.

joined Jul 29, 2011

Michan wrote

Ps. We're still not alive.

aw thats too bad : /
good release anyways :]

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