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I just finished reading Alice Quartet, and I have to say that I'm a tiny bit torn.

On one hand, there doesn't seem to be any point in reading the "story". There's pretty much nothing happening. There's absolutely no action, little romance and not that much comedy either. It's obviously not educational, and character development is pretty minimal overall. It's probably the only serie I've read where everything goes incredibly well for everyone, and the worst issues that pop up during the entire serie are extremely minor.

On the other hand... I'm not sure why, but every chapter left me with a smile. It's calming and pleasing, somehow. I enjoyed reading the serie, and I felt contended and happy after reading it.

Pretty much all of my favorite manga stories (like "Present" from Uso Kurata, or Hanjuku Joshi, or Mononoke Gakuen for examples) have a point such as touching situations, great character development or good comedy. I also like "Chatting at the Amber Teahouse" which gives out some of the same feeling as Alice Quartet, but that one actually has some storyline progression. It's stupidly slow, yes, but there's some character growth, the beginning of a romance, and important decisions in the characters life. It doesn't feel as "pointless" as Alice Quartet.

The only other really enjoyable 'pointless' serie I've read is the "Yokohama" serie. It's an absolutely amazing, smile-inducing read even though there's very rarely something happening in it.

So while Alice Quartet isn't exactly as amazing as Yokohama, and that I have no idea why I find it enjoyable... Thank you for having translated this enjoyable story :)

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I think what many of those particular titles capitalize on is a glamorous "slice of life."
It seems like the other half of the current yuri manga market as opposed to "Confession Dramas."

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