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Get yourself a friend like Yuu.

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Long love live/life AnaPomu/YuuPomu/AyuYuu! xD

Really like Pomu's songs, especialy Kaika Sengen (her song for Yuu.T)

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Aw, they’re both sweet /// supportive 'gal friends' ftw <3
And Ayumu deserves all the hugs. As an advocate for big spoon Yuu, I wanna see some cuddles- stat.

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Too sweet

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Ayumu and Yuu are too cute and sweet.

(I'm honestly loving how, thus far in the anime (ep 6), Ayumu is still twitching every time Yuu calls one of the other girls cute, or is otherwise all enthusiastic at them — and then gets terribly embarrassed when Yuu calls her cute. Girl definitely wants to monopolize her childhood friend some, but is way too nice.)

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