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Anything you'd like answered by those that bother to visit our front page and scroll down to see the poll and vote on it.
You can be specific or broad, we'll (ie. Me, since no one else wants to control the poll really) consider any poll that hasn't already been done and isn't too objectionable.
Preferably not polls that we have already done, like age, gender, pets, home location, etc.

Your poll choices may or may not be subject to lulzification by yours truly, although you can opt out of it if you mention it in your post.
Also polls typically last two weeks, give or take a few days. Usually by that time, the majority of the people who vote will have voted.

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What do you wear when you sleep?

A) Regular store bought PJ's
B) what ever shirt and shorts are lying around
C) Just a tee shirt
D) Lingerie you can look your best all of the time
E) Nothing, I like the freedom

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