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MrEngenious Admin
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joined Oct 8, 2010

[del][u]Name[/u]: MrEngenious (a.k.a. TheBus and Pedophile)
[u]Contact Info[/u]:, also on IRC throughout most of the time I'm on the computer
[u]Preferred series[/u]: Anything not yuri, anything that'll troll people, porn
[u]Ability to work[/u]: I have a good amount of free time, but college drains my desire to use weekday hours to edit. Mostly edit on the weekends. I can quality check whenever, however.
[u]A bit about myself[/u]: Currently in college, slacking like heck and stuff. Been editing for your dumb group for two years, made a tutorial and everything that no one bothers with. Herp-da-derp.[/del]

[del]*Optional things you may include if you wish: your age, gender, sensitivity to things (ie. how long you've been on the internet, what 4chan is, what futanari is, goatse, etc.), your location, reason for wanting to apply, anything.
However we don't need anything but your name/alias, contact info, series/genres you want to work on, and ability to work.[/del]

Whelp, that's the end of that.

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