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[del]Tests and general guidelines are located here:
We need to know of a way of contacting you, and if it's something other than IRC and forums, something that you're on often enough for contact to be established within a reasonable amount of time.
Basic knowledge of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is highly recommended, but not required and it is teachable if need be.[/del]

[del]In regards to the editor and quality checker tests, the willingness and attempts to learn are much more important than actually starting out good (if you're new, it will NEVER look decent). We will guide you along, but we can only bring you as far as you're willing. [/del]

[del]In your recruitment topic, please note which position you're applying for in the topic title.
Inside of the topic, put in your alias, contactable information (if you're going to main the IRC, this isn't necessary. Having an e-mail for contacting would still be nice, however), and series you prefer to work on.
Also provide an estimation of the amount of time you'll be able to dedicate to the position you're applying for in a time interval (ie. about 3-4 hours per day or 10 hours a week or the weekends or etc.).[/del]

Whelp, we're mostly done. If you still wish to help with our small fry stuff like pixiv doujins or technical work, please nudge us on the IRC.

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