Iromeki Girls by Charie — Completed


The school dance club is full of passionate girl's love and desire. Follow Saki and Aki, Chinatsu and Mika, and Akemi and Nanami as their loves develop!

First we had foxgirl yuri, then food yuri, and now we haveā€¦ dance club yuri! -Yuri-Ism

Rhythmical released Oct 14 '15
Rhythmical 2 released Nov 11 '15
Rub & Love released Dec 14 '15 Age gap Comedy Student x Teacher Tsundere
Child Sweet released Dec 23 '15
Child Sweet 2 released Jan 17 '16 Childhood friends Masturbation
Child Resolution released Feb 15 '16 Childhood friends Masturbation
Child Resolution 2 released Feb 24 '16 Lots of sex
Child Resolution 3 released Mar 23 '16
Iromeki Girls released Apr 12 '16 Childhood friends Moderate amounts of sex