Girls' Secret Nectar by Chi-Ran — Ongoing


A collection of unconnected one-shots, some with a fantasy theme.

"The Yuri Cage" is about a girl who buys a "yuri cage" with a strange little girl inside. There's a very short sequel to it in Sayuri-hime.
In "Dream Drops," the main character buys some magical drops that are supposed to make her dream come true. (There is a mini-sequel to this story in Sayuri-hime 2.)
In "Don't Make Me Fall For You," a transfer student finds herself the newest target of the biggest playgirl in school.
"Girls' Secret Nectar" is about a girl whose supernatural ability helps her get everything she wants in life... except the most important thing of all. Note: Two of the younger sisters appear in later stories, "Witch" and "♀x♀=♥."

The Yuri Cage released Jan 2 '09 Supernatural Very large size gap Yuri
Dream Drops released Mar 1 '09 Romance Supernatural Wishful thinking Yuri
Don't Make Me Fall For You released Mar 30 '09 NSFW Player School life Yuri
Planet Aimer-Lis released Jun 30 '09 Ecchi Fantasy NSFW Romance Yuri
Girls' Secret Nectar released May 5 '10 NSFW Romance School life Supernatural Yuri
The Mystery of the Yuri Cage released Jan 2 '09 Childhood friends Sequel Yuri
Dream Trip released Mar 1 '09 Beach Sequel Wishful thinking Yuri
Love released Apr 18 '12 Aaaaaangst School life Yuri