Girl♡Girls by Asagi Ryuu — Dropped


Chapters More, Always and More, Always 2 have not been scanlated.

Softly Upon Her... ch01 released Mar 2 '18 Age gap Co-worker
Softly Upon Her... ch02 released Mar 16 '18 Age gap Co-worker Exhibitionism
Looking For Room released Mar 19 '18
Miyakodori released May 4 '18 Age gap Co-worker
Tokyo Memories released Mar 30 '18 Shaving
Professor? released May 14 '18 Age gap Moderate amounts of sex Student x Teacher
Softly Upon Her... ch2.5 released Apr 18 '18 Age gap Co-worker
Motto, Zutto released Jun 19 '20 Age gap Lolicon Watersports