Takemiya Jin http://ameblo.jp/yuricomic/

Takemiya Jin began working on original yuri doujinshi in February 2007 and debuted in Yuri-Hime two years later, after winning their Division Prize for "All My Love and Lies". From March 2009, she has published in every issue of Yuri-Hime; her current series in Yuri-Hime is "Chouchou Nannan" ("Call and Reply"). Her series "Fragments of Love" ran in the first 15 issues of Rakuen: Le Paradis, and after a two-year break from doujinshi, she resumed self-publishing in December 2013.

Yuri-Hime collections: Love Flicker (July 2010), KiLa KiLa (July 2011), Perfume of Love (June 2012), Steps (June 2013), Game (June 2014), Chouchou Nannan (Feb 2015)
Hakusensha collections: Girlish Sweet (April 2010), Fragments of Love 1 (August 2011), Seasons (Dec. 2011), Fragments of Love 2 (May 2013), Fragments of Love 3 (December 2014)

Butterfly Love Live! Doujin released Nov 24 '14 Blushing Eri x Nozomi Yuri
Tragic Love Movie released Nov 25 '14 Adult life Co-worker Yuri
Love Me! Original Doujin released Jan 25 '15 Comedy School girl Yuri
Valentine's Magic Original Doujin released Feb 14 '15 School girl Valentine's Yuri