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It's pretty interesting how this manga is so unrealistic (I mean: Too long tongues, clear talking when mouth is busy, pantieless club etc.). I have many questions: How come Natsuko wanted to show herself when Myiu is the one who is exhibicionist? What kind of "You seem down. Want me to lick your asshole?" is that? Genius Myia xD, "Voyeur masturbation club"? Are you serious? xD

Enough, this manga is so crazy that it amazes me.. What other thinks about this manga?
Btw: Is it really completed?

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This kind of manga would normally be a little disgusting to me, but I read it because it made me laugh. It doesn't even feign realism, which is why I find it so funny.

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That's pretty much my reaction as well. It's just so crazy you have to laugh, even if it does get a little sketchy from time to time.

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I would love a part 2 of this manga :) It's been one of my favorites since before I was a member of this site. Oh and Dardes you miss spelled Miyu twice xD

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I couldn't stop laughing. every page there's a funny part. lol

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All that, and it only uses 30% as many fluids as I Want To Be Honest! What a bargain!

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The fuck? :D

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The fuck? :D


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The fuck? :D


You've never read a sports manga before?

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The fuck? :D


You've never read a sports manga before?

You mean watersports?

Nezchan Moderator
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The fuck? :D


You've never read a sports manga before?

You mean watersports?

A sport's a sport.

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Fun fact, this author did a Nintendo endorsed manga back in the 90's despite being a lolicon/shota artist :P

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WARNING: It has yaoi and LOTS OF futanari (lolicon)
LOTS OF futanari and lolicon as well

so there ya go!

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Da fuck did I just read here? c:
-flips the tablet-

It was from realisms yet I couldnt stop reading cause it was so funny. I like there sports it's cool a lot. xD
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The only freaking thing I'll be able to think of when I hear sumo is this manga...

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Simply beautiful.

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One of my fav mangas out there, it's really messed up in such an amazing way

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Here's a photo of the author, I once saw his portrait of was quite good

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Honestly for all the sex, I'm liking the plot development. Regardless hilarious as fuck. I'm also wondering if Lesmo is spinoff of Lesmoé.

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Interesting....... I wouldn't mind reading more of this

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This was incredible crazy as funny xDDDDD I can't

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This is hilarious.

Part one?

Oh God.

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this should have a comedy tag

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"You seem down, want me to lick your asshole? :0" hahahhaHAHAHAHAHA

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Looks like a lovely way to get in shape

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