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Since no one did it I decided to create the thread, guess no one would if I didn't...

Anyway, as the name obviously says this thread is so we can discuss Life is Strange, we're probably going to discuss in particular about the ending, so I must say that I'm surprised how many people see Sacrifice Chloe vs Sacrifice Arcadia Bay = Chloe Dies vs Everyone Dies = Good Ending vs Bad Ending, like, I'm the only one who didn't see it like that at all? I chose Chloe of course, what did you people chose?

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I tried both options but, my first choice was to sacrifice Chloe. I regret it and felt really bad so I chose to sacrifice Arcadia Bay the second time I played.

Three of Eight
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Bae over Bay for me.

I got curious about the other ending though and replayed it where I sacrificed Chloe instead and noped right back out of it to my first choice again.

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Has it ever been hinted that everyone dies though? I mean, surely they've seen warnings on the news and stuff (they should've had systems in place for natural disasters, like hurricanes/tornadoes) and they've found shelter, so it would have went through the town not killing anyone (or at the very least a minimal amount). I haven't played through the game (only recently finished the first episode) but it seems highly unlikely that they wouldn't have some warning about a tornado.

Which makes the choice rather easy I think.

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Actually, they did hint a lot of people could die, but I think it was not on purpose, a tornado of that size would cause a lot of damage and on episode 5 Warren and the news says it's a class E6, the problem is that tornado/hurricane classifications stop at EF-5 and they destroy everything in the way, the damage you see is a class EF-3 at best, another reason I think it was incompetence is because they're classified by surveying the damage they made, not by just looking at their size or anything else while they're happening.

But it's more than that, another reasons I found that people let Chloe die is also because they don't like her, they wrongly think the tornado is her fault, they don't know how tornado classification work, someone created a poll on Gamefaqs asked about what end you chose and he even called Max a genocidal murderer for saving Chloe, from what I saw a lot of people also let her die because it's the "moral" choice to do.

Really, from what I saw a lot of the complainings are in part from people misunderstanding, like who caused the tornado or how a lot of people think that the ghost deer is Max spirit animal and the butterfly is Chloe spirit animal, which is also wrong.

It also seens that most people don't know that apparently the creators themselves said they made a lot of parts to be ambiguous on purpose so we could interpret things how we want, including the ending where you save Chloe, they said that the playes decide who died or not, so as far as we know no one really would have died, especially since the damage is pretty small.

Of course even if it was not the case I would chose Bae before Bay, but besides people complaining about that, I find rather questionable how it seens that a lot of people chose to kiss Warren...

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Oh hey I'm one of the 8%!

Some thoughts from Ashly Burch's (Chloe's voice actress) brother on this reddit thread. He makes a good point about the adulthood=selflessness stories.

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Oh hey I'm one of the 8%!

How heartless. The poor guy deserve some hug, he's so awkward x)

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No hug from me, sorry! I saw him as one of those slightly creepy but mostly awkward teenage boys who become super creepy adult men. Once I realized what bugged me about him I couldn't unsee it.

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I chose Bay. Chloe was kind of unsufferable through the whole game but to be honest, I felt both endings lacking,

If you save the bay then you miss all the stuff you can do with your classmates and any possible friendship that stems from the plot while in the other hand, if you save Chloe then everything is destroyed and assuming anyone survived, you're leaving them by the wayside, again, throwing into the trash everything you accomplished in the game.

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of course choosing Chloe it's the option we all want to pick, even if we don't like happy endings, Chloe went through too much along the story, but not saving Arcadia Bay made me feel selfish af. Made me wonder "are they really going to be okay with this?" if I were Max i couldn't live peacefully with the thought that I killed bunch of people. both choices seemed pretty drastic too me, there had to be another way lol.

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Thanks for the link, it was a nice read.

Though I didn't like Warren that much, he was at least a good friend, so I give him a hug.

Dark_Tzitzimine and Cyberpunk, if anyone died at all, because it was not everything destroyed, the only places that really had damage where the ones that a car or dead whale ended up falling on it thanks to the tornado, the way the damage was so small, I can only see anyone dying if someone was stupid to be walking in the streets in the middle of a tornado, as for the city being destroyed, the Prescots already fucked up the city, so I doubt that the tornado would really make things much worse, as far as I know either no one died or just a few.

But I agree that both ends are pretty lacking, they could have made better endings.

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