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Every girl is straight until they meet me... ( ̄ω ̄)

(lame, but just had to do that one, sorry..)

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this kinda makes me feel like I have read or seen something of this caliber before... it really reminds me of love lab for some reason. probably because of the 'oh noes dis iz teh all girls school! girls everywhere you look!' stuff.

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I guess her plan A was: getting a normal high school romance and if anything happens it'll be easly solved by plan B: becoming a lesbian

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This got my attention.

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This looks fun. I am on board.

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Am i the only one who got the impression that this chapter desperately tried to look like an anime?

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What does that even.... what?

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So they'll all be Chiho's harem soon, I'm guessing?

I'll just go ahead and hop on Midowikawa/Chiho

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Yuri-topia for airheads? Lol, this manga is amazing it's comedy AND yuri, the comedy is not pretend yuri! Fantastic! ^_^
Thanks for translating :)

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Kendo Girl failed. It's Soccer Girl time now.

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Revolutionary characters, plot and setting! There's absolutely no way these absolutely not cliche characters would fall into any archetypes of sorts!

I'll still read it and like it

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A blast from the past -- I have long forgotten who these characters even were, when this chapter notification reached my mailbox. :D

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I'd forgotten about this one, but with Chapter 3 I'm again happily awaiting moar fluffy airhead yuri girl's school club-hopping comedy! Every once in a while, it's nice to lean back with a nice, trope-ridden story about girls at play.

Oh, harem, I forgot harem.

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So far this is pretty interesting. Yes, there are lots of cliches, but the clueless main character club hopping to try to find her place while being totally attracted to other girls but thinking she's straight isn't a bad cliche. I hope, in a way, that she either makes the Student Council President a better person (as in makes her a one-girl woman) or ends up with someone else, though I totally expect she'll end up with Ms. President.

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The student council president is so clichè an unlikable way. The other archtypes are a bit better, but eh. I'm sick of 08/15 school girl yuris for a long time now. ;-; Why does yuri have to be so boring and predictable.

(Still gonna read it, like always)

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Why does yuri have to be so boring and predictable.

There's always Gunjo or Pieta if more "standard" yuri isn't for you.

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Insanely lewd things, huh? Colour me interested.

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That escalated pretty quick

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Good luck Chiho you're gonna need it.

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pg 86, “I guess was mistaken” was fixed to “I guess I was mistaken”

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Well that was unexpected...

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