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It was ok - not really my thing when there's zero story - but I'm curious - why doesn't Remi have any wings?

I proffer her with small cute wings than big ones - but you can't draw her with none!

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Call me prudish, but I don't think I could kiss someone who licked my ass moments ago.

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I couldn't tell who was doing what most of the time. I dunno, the lines all ran together and I felt like turning my monitor upside down to see if I could figure out what this blob or that scribble was 'cause I couldn't tell from the right way. Meh.

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^black mague
haha same, bro..even if she lick the other part..I just..could not ._.

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Call me prudish, but I don't think I could kiss someone who licked my ass moments ago.

Exactly my thought.

(Maybe its an "undead has no secretions thing?")

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Could someone please feed these two kids? They look like they're about to starve to death does the author have an anorexic fetish? Gross they're too thin .-.

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^Still better than Yohane's lolis, honestly. Could be way worse.
Edit: Wait, did you accidentally post in the wrong place? Because I think they're perfectly fit for someone their age.
Uh, not their age... You get what I'm trying to say.

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Man, I opened this up looking for some loli porn but between the "sour" comment, the ass-to-mouth, and the artist mixing up the left and right feet on page 13 (the one that says "11" on it), I was a little more grossed out than usual.

I do prefer skinny girls though.

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Well, that was, intense.
Not really my taste ōwō ( if u get what i mean )

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They're not overly skinny, but their proportions are kind of fucked up in certain shots. Take the big panel of for example.

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Wow, this doujins is pretty Old, I see in TheYuriZone time ago

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Symphogeah i don't know if we read the same thing but they are not 'too thin'. They are actually a fit-slim. Unless you have a problem with slim chicks, but it all comes done to 'tastes'.

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