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I'm sorry if this's been posted before.

I've reached a point where I've read pretty much every series that isn't dead in the reader after quite a few years of being here. I've also read quite a lot of oneshots too but there are way too many and there surely exist gems that I've missed.

I'd really appreciate if people would post one - or a few - of their favorite oneshots. Chances are that I've read them if they've been translated in the last 1-2 years,but I might not have as well, or someone else could find something they've missed.

Gonna post some of my favorites to start with and get them out of the way at the same time.

- and pretty much the rest this author made




- and the prequel

I'd find more but it's a pain if you don't know the titles actually. Also If someone would suggest untranslated one-shots that aren't too difficult that could work too.(furigana helps)

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My absolute favorite since I read it, and it hasn't changed so far.

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You should just hunt through Anthologies in the directory
Good way to look up one shots is the collections they're in

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Gonna report in in case anyone was interested.
It's weird how I have seemingly forgotten ever reading some of these. Rereading is fine though.

I haven't read pretty much anything from Nez and Asukaori's suggestions.

Koigokoro metronome and Maple love are absolute favorites of mine, as is all of Minase Ruruu's stuff.
Hidden in dusk, too.
(re)Read Blank and December's XXX yesterday, gonna keep going with that Crossdressing one.

All in all a good haul so far.

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