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You'd be having a grand time with yuri right now if you can read Japanese and have the funds to import things from Japan. I'm echoing dpf on this and I feel like you might be part of the younger generation that did not endure the dark ages of "shoujo ai". Also try playing kindred spirits on the roof. It's really sweet and very well done for a game that came out about five years ago.

hmm... I'm relatively young ^-^? But what does that have to do with anything? I honestly prefer those dark stories where they die in the end rather than all the moe nowadays. But I don't mean that the ones where they die are always good. Sometimes it feels like 'oh, they died again -.-' because it feels kind of forced even.

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hmm... I'm relatively young ^-^? But what does that have to do with anything?

Well, the thing is, a few years ago there was basically close to no yuri available in places other than Japan. So yeah, as much as we complain about "lack of good yuri", it's still better than it was a few years back.
Heck, if it wasn't for the internet, we'd basically have nothing.
Personally, I only started consuming (lol) yuri about 3-4 years ago, so I can't really talk much.

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yeah! I guess! there aren't many western GL comics for that matter either... actually there are too many superhero western comics -.-
I started about the same time as you actually :D But yeah I have no idea how it was like before that but I presume it wasn't great...

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Believe it or not yuri was still relatively obscure compared to yaoi even just a few years back. The thing is this genre is now getting more and more attention so to some of us that went through the period of literally having nothing to read, it feels like there's quite the abundance of yuri nowadays.
I mean what even was the next super obvious yuri anime after kannazuki no miko? lol

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hopefully there's tons of rising artists devoted to yuri in this upcoming next generation of visual media, so we can have more manga, anime, movies and shows, and also with different context and plots, sometimes i feel like i'm reading the same stories but with different characters.

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