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joined Feb 14, 2017

loved this one, regardless of what the haters say :)

joined Oct 3, 2018

It’s always an adventure to see how a work in this genre of sci-fi/fantasy romance lands between gender expansiveness and gender essentialism.

Well, I’d say this does better than the average gender-bender story anyhow.

joined Feb 13, 2020

At the duel, why couldn’t they just hit each other at the same time? And why couldn’t they just decide that they could love anyone they want to if it was so easy. Who owns the school? Why are there literally no parents present? I will admit that this got a few laughs out of me but this seems pretty rushed with the confession.

joined Apr 22, 2020

I am overwhelmed by the gorgeousness of the art, wow. An interesting and complex story.

last edited at Aug 23, 2020 11:02AM

joined Jul 3, 2020

Love this series, has interesting aspects

joined Jul 23, 2017

I swear this manga is so underrated, I have read this long time ago and it really is so refreshing to read it again also Erika and Momiji's kiss at the end has some art errors I think

joined Dec 16, 2014

Looking at the old comments talking about Mangafox. Damn I feel old.
Anywho, this manga is still great, despite the rushed ed.

joined Aug 21, 2021

erica is enjoying momija while trying her best to be with sakura while aoi is obsessed with being friends with sakura

what the fuck is this plot

joined Jun 15, 2021

This must be an ode to those gender-bender yuri in the 80s and early 90s such as Rose of Versailles, Oniisama e…, Kaze to Ki no Uta. It smells like yuri but it is not, it smells like yaoi but it is not. This is because we have characters who are "cross dressing", breaking the most common rule of Yuri. But then again "cross dressing" does not avoid the truth that the characters are female female physically. It is a typical formula back in the 80s and 90s to get around stuff.....all the way back to Princess Knight.

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