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That was.. something. O_O

Marion Diabolito
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If you took this violent, mindless shoot-em-up game series, The Touhou Project, and its fragmentary background 100% seriously, I think this is what it would be like to live in it. You have to really cutefy it to get the fan-fiction and doujin version. Everyone is absurd and violent. Rumia really DOES "eat humans" and "think[s] her job is hunting them."

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Wow, that was amazing. Looking forward to the next chapter.
The rapid change in art style is quite impressive.

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Zefiberyl Translations
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Should this not have a yuri tag? Reimu and Marisa definitely seemed to be kissing on page 6, and there were other coupley moments.

Certainly an interesting take on Touhou, which is not normally a favored franchise of mine, but seen through this lens...very enjoyable art, as well.

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^ i would let the tag just be there, 'cuz they are definitely coupely

But something other now, i always pushed this doujin away from me - as a loyal ReiMari reader, i read everything on this pairing, but i was kinda afraid of this doujin here - most likely because of the damn tags.Buuuuut, i have to say: me likey.Sure, it was creepy and i usually hate Creepy things, but it was such an interesting take-on, and the concept was brilliant.Even though Reimu freaked me out with her smile sometimes xD but i'd like to see more of this, and see where the story goes.
Hopefully it will all end well...
BUBBLE DANCE! (Gosh reimu's so weird in this xD)

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Chen from page 36 is moe :3

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Stan Miller
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"The World is not Enough" when?

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Reimu looking like an idiot: the manga. I couldn't get into it. Everyone looks simultaneously way too gritty and serious, and yet it's all so surreal I can't take it seriously. It would be a lot cooler if the art and the dialogue and the story and uh...yeah.

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Yotsuba cast at the middle panel

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this series was kinda tryhard but also really cool in parts??? i loved the art and weirdass worldview it had, at least

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Really amazing. I love surreal art, I think it really represents the insanity well.

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shit art 0/10

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SPOILER QUESTION(Only read if you finish all the manga)

Someone can explain me the end?? I don't understand what happens to Reimu, did she comited suicide or she only goes down the mountain??

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Also I loved this manga, you're my second favourite mangaka, what a cool style of art, so Epic, and I love that Reisen and Moukou a lot!!

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Me: wtf am I reading?
reads the tags
Me: ah...

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