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Heavy stuff, LOve the art

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I encourage you to check out Niy's Pixiv profile. Everything from him is absolutely gorgeous.

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This was so sweet, and beautifully drawn!

joined Apr 28, 2014, you can't stop there! We were only just getting to the good part!

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what a heart warming story really enjoyed reading it

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Pretty art! It looks very impressionistic ^-^

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Gooood shit, needs to be way more of these two.

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Kagerou is so nice.

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Beautiful art! Story is kinda deep too.
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The art is so beautifuuuul ! And the story is so nice ! ' '

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Dis ship sexy af tbh fam.

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You'd think that the guy whom she had guided would have came back to check on her.
That's just sad man...

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This is one the most amazing things I've ever found in this website. I absolutely adore it, and I'm damn sad that we didn't see this amazing story's continuation...

Oh well, it's sad, but hey, Wakasagihime's story is also sad. The ignored and passionate mermaid, that only wants one thing and one thing only. Someone that is by her side (the romantic way is not the answer, not at all). We are social beings, and having someone that is with us in our darkest times is truly a blessing.

Probably we won't see how this beautiful story ends, but to me, when the Princess realized she was not alone anymore, that was the moment when the "happy ever after" ending arrived.

Thanks for giving us such a majestic, small and dramatic piece of your soul, put into words and drawings
Love you forever

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You'd think that the guy whom she had guided would have came back to check on her.
That's just sad man...

That's just how a lot of people are. You helped them (unconditionally) and then they forget about you, they forget that you exist. that has happened to me a lot of times before

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