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Ahhh strawberry shake sweet was one of the first few Yuri mangas I ever read, so this is a happy surprise! This really takes me back

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Is this a one shot a follow up , a sequel, or something else? Id be great if it is a continuation or sequel.... Also a year and still not been able to work out the sex....

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It's a one shot sequel.

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Ten years later, a sequel? Nice!

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I haven't read the original, but the two friends were a nice twist on the normal trope. "Oh? Your SO suddenly isn't spending time with you, claims to be putting in extra hours at the office, and seems to be looking at something expensive? Right, she's definitely getting you a ring!"

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aw man how nostalgic. i read this back when you had to download the chapters and couldn't read it on the net XD well at least my net. i actually still have them saved XD this one and fuck what's the other one that came out around the same time..Heart-Pounding Excitement at Mononoke Girls' Academy that's it XD god i loved that one, so freaking funny.

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An unexpected surprise but a MOST welcome one!

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It's always nice to see an older work get some new love.

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I missed these two ;_; I missed this manga ;__;

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What a treat, this is one of my all time favourites <3

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I tried reading this, and couldn't get into it at all. I think I made it through three chapters before giving up. I guess it's not the same without the nostalgia factor...

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Ahhh strawberry shake sweet was one of the first few Yuri mangas I ever read, so this is a happy surprise! This really takes me back

Same! Nice throwback definitely ^^

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This was a sweet surprise

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As someone who’s a bit newer in the GL scene I’m always interested to read those older works and see how they hold up, and I gotta say Strawberry Shake didn’t disappoint! The series is really cute, funny, and refreshingly open about everyone’s feelings! I binged it all in one night and I regret nothing.

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I usually don't like older yuri manga but this was great! It went in right away with how gay the protags and supporting characters were and produced a great wholesome story! My only complaint would be the weird ending but otherwise I love it all. What would I pay to go to a real ZLAY concert???

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Re-reading this after years. So good <3

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Just read this for the first time and wow <3

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Reread this after decades and I am so surprise at the bonus chapter that came out in 2021. This is amazing. Now I am picking up Hayate Blade again.
The mangaka's art style is so nice, I love it so much. I wish we had more like this. I am quite picky about art.

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