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Another tweet from Kishi-sensei:
March 4th is Nononon-sempai’s birthday

So, this and the bath picture are obviously something Yumimi bullied Nononon into taking and sending to her. You can't change my mind.

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Cause of my death: Honoka in Oscar cosplay.

Please pray for my soul

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Love it when authors do stuff like this, thanks Chads.

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So, I was just reading Sasameki Koto, and the sequence from the bottom of this page leading in to the next one caught my eye. Remind you of something?

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Yow.. I read a lot of manga but this is the fuckin really good job ...I have nothing to say much hope more to read this . I'll recommend it to my friends. Thank u Soo much

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I just wanted to say I really dig Honoka's camo pants

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Wait, isn't this chapter's HonoEli tag, the other HonoEli?

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Wait, isn't this chapter's HonoEli tag, the other HonoEli?

Yeah, it looks like they mixed up Love Live's Eli x Honoka tag with Virgin Empire's Elisha x Honoka tag

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JaggedJim posted:

Wait, isn't this chapter's HonoEli tag, the other HonoEli?

Yeah, it looks like they mixed up Love Live's Eli x Honoka tag with Virgin Empire's Elisha x Honoka tag

trolol so true, sorry

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for myself not being into yaoi much, these 2 are actually my fav pair <3 and i also just love the relationship between honoka and her big sis, they are really cute together :)

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The best pair

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Poor Honoka got so served so many curveballs that playing tsundere has become impossible. Which is a good thing since tsunderes are a plague.

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Lap pillows are double edged swords! you caught them in your laps but then YOU can't escape!! ....10/10 would do it again! but if she needs the bathroom then GGWP lol

What an adorable thing to see in the morning, this says "today's going to be a great day" or maybe a week! Honoka has completely disabled her AT Field around Elisha, even thought she knew what was going to happen, she surrendered to her fate and came back haha, and I thought she was going to be a little disappointed but the beautiful and thicc Eli didn't give her time to think about that =w= sweet!!

Truly one of the greatest pairs in the manga ZANKIU .......but what the heck are they watching together xD that doesn't looks like Cory House

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Look at these domestic shappic

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Favourite couple.

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Knockin' her out with those American thighs.

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Peace has been established in my heart with this update

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Knockin' her out with those American thighs.

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I need to find me a girlfriend who looks at me the way Elisha looks at Honoka.

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best couple is best

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For a moment, I thought that was Ayano and Miyoshi on the telly there.

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Some time ago I said Honoka and Elisha would be having sex and Honoka still wouldn't believe Elisha is in love with her, but now I don't know if Honoka is still in denial.

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Chef's kiss

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I love them so much, you don't understand

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