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I would guess that Haruto is very used to Minato going along with any suggestion at all that he has. Did anyone else notice when he suggested they go somewhere after work, that he didn't even wait for a response from her, but immediately proceeded to plans to meet outside the building? And Minato accepted it as thought it were perfectly normal! (Though she bailed and emailed him an excuse.)

I think he's a bit of a cad for assuming she'll always go along with things, but if that's their dynamic, it's hardly surprising that it never occurred to him that she might say no.

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please please no sad ending no sad ending no sad ending NO SAD ENDING!!!

Haruto ended up with a red haired woman, but the ending for Asami x Minato : she just hugged her and I didn't know the meaning of last words in the last panel.

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Yayyyy great to see this continuing :3

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so no one else gets the feeling that asami is acting like this on purpose? she already knows that the mc is suffocated and feels trapped so it wouldnt be surprising if this her way to feel liberated. not saying asami doesnt have her own problems or issues ( especially if shes cheating )

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the credits page bugs me. The feet are correct, the right leg is back supporting the weight and the front leg, the left leg, is swinging forward and hitting the pinky toe. Thanks for the hard work but keep your false criticisms to yourself.

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the credits page bugs me. The feet are correct, the right leg is back supporting the weight and the front leg, the left leg, is swinging forward and hitting the pinky toe. Thanks for the hard work but keep your false criticisms to yourself.

Yeah, that's definitely her left foot hitting the table. Which would mean hitting with the pinky is correct.

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Asami turned from being cocky to downright asshole level... How can it even be? Minato has some interesting problems and places for character developments, but a drama like this is definitely not the solution. Later on, she just seems bland and typical shoujo girl.

I'm really tired of this cheesy "girl refuse but think over when got ignored", and also how horribly quick a seemingly straight girl turns into a lesbian after forced sexual encounter...

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oh? ooh!? wow, it's actually pretty good! ch1 didn't leave much impression, but ch2 cover it up.

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Maybe Asami is related to her dad? Why would she have her album otherwise?

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Oh snap son, that photo album!

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what is up with that photo album!! good chapter. oh those sheltered girls. :)

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r-r-r-related?!?!!? omg!!!! is this going to be like winter sonata?! and ahahahaha, 'good night, honey ♥' that was so funny XD
But anyway, I wish this was a bit more romantic, it feels a bit... careless? I don't know how to put it... I mean um, they seem to really like each other but they have weird ways of hiding it and it's all so weird... though it kind of reminds me of After Hours... a lot basically, only these two are always 'fighting' :P which I'm not sure I like >.> but ooook

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aaaaa this really hits the spot. I love this series because I'm trashy and self-indulgent, and it's pretty trashy and self-indulgent too.

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i giggled at the in-a-box-chan and woah there that album. if they were related it would explain why maya it's talented like minato's dad now i'm curious

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haha yea the good night was amusing

Maybe Asami is related to her dad? Why would she have her album otherwise?

Asami seemed kinda surprised that Minato's parents were divorced. Also, even if Asami was related to the dad, it's kinda weird to have a photo album of her?

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Enjoyed this chapter, especially when Asami lectured Haruto.

And Minato lived a sad and lonely life IMO.

And what is up with that album? I hope the author explains it soon.

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Wait why does she have that album of all things? HOW DOES SHE HAVE IT?!

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Okay that last page of this chapter was rather creepy.

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And the plot sickens!! XD I'm getting excited!!

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yikes okay hopefully that photo album doesn't have an entirely creepy backstory. we avoided a cheating plot which was great, and hopefully its not too much to hope that it steers clear of a stalker plot too

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I really liked this chapter. "In-a-box san" was so funny! However, that ending was a bit of a shocker! What's the deal with her having those photo albums? Strange...

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Seriously digging this one. I had to reread it 'cause I totally forgot the first two chapters. The first chapter kinda... eh. The second one was better but sorta up and down. The third one's great. Great great great. Subscribed to the series and Ican't wait for the next one. I really hate the way everyone's treated her her entire life. She's accustomed to doing everything people tell her to, like she's living her life for everyone but herself. Then Maya comes in to show her that she can have family and friends and work while also satisfying her own needs. I don't think she's a straight girl who did a total 180, I think she was just never introduced to the possibility. Her mom really bothers me. Watching scenes between the two, I can really see why Minato is the way she is, being raised by someone like that. She lives her whole life doing her best not to bother people, or be a burden, without realizing that it was making her miserable. Maya has her problems too, she's no manic pixie dream girl, but I do feel like she's what Minato needed at the time she needed it. Any later, and Minato may have been in an uncomfortable marriage with Haruto. That text at the end was just wonderful ^ ^

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OK having that photo album adds up the weirdness factor a bit Asami. I am very glad that we avoided the whole cheating plot though, that was already a bit of a stretch to start with.

I can see Haruto turning into some stalker dude and getting all up in Maya's business about Asami and its just gonna end in tears with him. I want to like the dude, and I think him being concerned about the two of them would be a natural thing, but I'm sure its gonna be portrayed badly. Asami is still ugh. There are parts of her I like, like I do enjoy how she's making Maya break out of her terrible routine but the way she does it mmmm not so much.

I wonder what the deal is gonna be with that album though. I reckon angst clouds are a-brewing

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Photo album??? Does she know her before??? For my point of view the story is going fast then slowing down...

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regarding the photo album


Parents divorced when she was three and I presume that's Minato when she was 7. The woman in the photo has different hair color from her mother. The "what kind of lifestyle have you been leading until now" just kind of adds to it.

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