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The first several times I came a cross a touhou anything, I just couldn't figure out what the heck I was reading. When I finally did start to like some, it was this pairing first.
Which is also odd because I usually don't like foe yay.

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This was one of the first pairings I've ever read too! The way the relationship between Kaguya and Mokou can vary between a friendly rivalry type friendship to them hating each others' guts depending on the writer makes the pairing always fun to read.

Norainhere Uploader
joined Jun 27, 2014

Something I just rediscovered: a short comic that explains their relationship

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Three translations in the space of three months. Tis a glorious season!

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theres so many releases coming out this year

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Really love the combi of these two. Always thought that because Mokou's dad loved Kaguya, the whole situation is a not-so-subtle "like father like son(girl)" exchange. While Kaguya's feeling is unknown, Mokou is canonically despise Kaguya for what she's done to her family (but I like to think that she still love her (≧▽≦)). They fight a shit ton lot but everybody knows that they're head over heels over each other. Just like my parents lol

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