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For some reason this feels kind of angsty? Idk maybe it's just me though.!.600.1492198
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Seems like unfinished story.

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i'm kind of regretful that the first real ichimizu (mizuichi really) story on here is nsfw, but oh well. noto's art is as pretty as ever, and in general i liked the atmosphere of it. they felt a little out of character though? i mean, maybe it's just me, but some of their actions/words didn't quite seem to fit. all that said, i'm just glad to have my otp up here finally. it's about time w

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Seems like unfinished story.

same, very unsatisfying.

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It was alright, definitely felt like there should have been more story though.

joined Jan 8, 2014 provocative! I liked that ^_^

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