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Maki, you badass!

joined Apr 27, 2014

Awww baby Maki with the bodyguards hahahaha

sweet and cute
nicely done

joined Jun 29, 2015

Maki-chan summoning those secret agent dudes... for a game of tag. You are so screwed now, Nicocchi!

Them as kids is so cute.

joined Jul 11, 2015

Moe up the butt

joined Sep 5, 2012

I am so desperately trying to search for my melted heart... Dmn moe kids. Wanna take them home. Or Nico.

joined Jul 3, 2015

needs a moe up the butt tag

I NEED ALL OF THEM AS MY CHILDREN. or my grandchildren.

especiallymakibecauseshessocute urgh...

i feel like im legit going to explode.

joined Jun 7, 2014

this is too goddam cute like I cant deal with this

joined Aug 31, 2014

dies of cuteness

joined Jan 27, 2015

ko ru riiiii!!!!

joined Mar 23, 2014

Moe up the butt

Btw, that credit page is amazing

joined May 24, 2014

naugthy nico is a naughty bully

joined Feb 11, 2014

"I'm going to eat you up !" while going after Maki, Nico-chan, uh ? XD

That was cute and funny.

joined Feb 14, 2015

Awwww, I wanna take all of them home.
And, LOL Maki-chan! So, secret agents, huh?
Oh, and Eri's lunch was really something else... Actually, I expected something like this, when I saw that matryoshka lunch box... hehehe

joined Feb 11, 2014

That's actually kind of mean for Elichi... She goes with a big bento box, but then it's "nope, smaller !" over and over again. Hope it ended before she ended up with just a mouthfull of rice. ><

joined May 11, 2015

giving out a round of free insulin shots for all.... =3

joined May 24, 2014

giving out a round of free insulin shots for all.... =3

You really shouldn't share needles even if it's chibi Love Live :p
Well, this was cute but still hard to enjoy because kindergarten is my personal hell with all those children screaming and running around.. xD
I'd rather see more doujins of adult Love Live members, shame there aren't more of those!

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Dat Credit page.

Kitsune Inari
joined Jul 20, 2011

giving out a round of free insulin shots for all.... =3

And nutbladder transplants. Ours have all gone kaputt.

joined Jun 7, 2015

The Matryoshka bento box is such an adorable waste of space.

I want five of them.

Also, on page 22:

Rin likes Kayo-chin more than badges nya.


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i lost it at eli's lunchbox

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Maki does not know how to play!

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omfg the matryoshka bento XD

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I now have tons of cavities.

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Awww baby Maki with the bodyguards hahahaha

sweet and cute
nicely done

I almost died laughing at that scene

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