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Okay in reality that may or may not happen, but they're definitely getting together. I relate to way too many aspects of Yagakime, down to the sister talk and what Rei says. This chapter makes me happy.

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I sometimes feel I should stop keeping up with this and wait until it is finished to just read all the other chapters in one go.

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It's back! And Rei is a wonderful sis

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My god Rei is wonderful, hope she gets more "screen" time later on

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i love you, yuu's sister :'3

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Sayaka’s development has firmly established her as President and CEO of a “I Want My Loved One To Be Happy” franchise. She wants what’s best for Touko, and (assuming Touko’s emotional rehab is complete and permanent, or nearly so) she knows that Yuu was the catalyst for breaking Touko’s emotional logjam when she herself didn’t have the nerve to act.

We’re not entirely sure what she knows about Yuu and Touko’s relationship and about Yuu’s feelings toward Touko, but one thing we certainly do know is that Sayaka is an extremely sharp cookie. Rei suspects a romantic relationship on solid but very scanty evidence; Sayaka has been watching them like a hawk as they interact right in front of her almost every day.

It’s theoretically possible that things could fall out such that, from Sayaka’s perspective, Yuu might appear to be out of the picture and Touko might seem to be receptive to picking up where the play left off, yuri-wise. But anyone putting money on Sayaka seriously misunderstanding the emotional landscape, let alone acting maliciously or selfishly where Touko is concerned, is facing very long odds indeed.

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wow yuu's sister might be my favourite character so far

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I think a lot of what people have said here about Sayaka is solid, but I'm interested in how Touko might respond to Yuu's confession. A lot of people seem to think that because she seems like she's starting to become happy with herself, that Nanami is likely to accept Yuu's confession, but remember that that wasn't the original problem.

Touko thinks that love is about expectations and restrictions. She even viewed her own love for Touko as contingent on Yuu not feeling love for anyone. It's not just an issue of self-loathing, or even "they don't really love me", it's several layers of misconceptions all built up on one another. One of the key roadblocks is that she loves Yuu because Yuu has no expectations of her, but she doesn't realize that Yuu's unconditional acceptance of Touko is Yuu's love for Touko.

Now, it's possible that that all unravels when Yuu confesses. It's possible it all unravels if Sayaka confesses. She might actually find that when it comes from someone that she really trusts, she finds it easier to accept their feelings. (after all, the other confessions have been from people she barely knows, given over superficial reasons that didn't feel like they connected to her real self.) But that doesn't mean things go smoothly.

There are actually a lot of things that could go wrong. Sayaka might decide to confess, just to put an end to her feelings (I don't think she'd try to subvert Yuu, but she might just do it for her own sake, expecting to be rejected) and Touko might accept, thinking she's imposed on Yuu too much.

Yuu might confess, and Touko might retreat because she doesn't know how respond to that change in their dynamic. It's even possible she might take it as a betrayal, an attempt to impose restrictions on her at a time when she's still struggling to find her identity. I could see them separating for awhile over something like that.

Of course, if either of those happened, I'd lay odds that Sayaka would be the one to give them a push back together. Or maybe I'm just totally off base, and the next phase of the story is about Yuu and Touko learning to develop their mutual feelings together. I just wouldn't expect things to go that smoothly unless we were right at the end of the story.

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Wait, lmao, am I reading this wrong, or did Rei just reveal that she first asked out her now-long term boyfriend because they were having so much casual sex with each other that not being a couple was getting awkward? Like, the conversation was about initial confessions, she "wanted to take the ambiguity out of the relationship", and she's not going to talk about how they "were doing it without being official"? She's not just talking about being particularly cosy buddies, is she?

I was also having the same idea. When I read that part, a flurry of doujins with similar scenes came pouring into my head.

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I have a feeling this isn't going to be over just yet. The volume's probably going to end with Yuu confessing, but the various other factors at play here will come up and it'll end badly, kicking off the next arc. In particular, one thing that really sticks out to me is that even if she's starting on a new path, Tokou is still just starting, so a lot of the old mindset will linger - in particular the self-loathing, and the viewing of love as a shackles. Both reasons underline why she liked Yuu in the first place - because Yuu didn't really put the same kind of pressure on her that everyone else did. Confessing right now is likely to trigger that same problem, requiring time, further development on Tokou's part, and solid communication to resolve. I hope this can become something of a growth point for Yuu, too; she's been so busy healing Tokou that it would be good to see more focus placed on her own emotional needs.

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Here's the thing I'm not completely sure Touko hasn't just replaced one act with another. Something just felt off with her behavior. First off why didn't she tell Yuu she joined the troupe . You would think Yuu would be the first person she went to about it even just about considering it. Second did she ever go back to Yuu to claim the denied kiss that was suppose been kind of a reward for the play?

I am fairly certain this was never a thing? Like I don't think Yuu ever offered a kiss as a reward for the play. If I'm wrong, I'd have to ask you for a page number. She offered to give her a kiss for the sports festival, then backed out, and during the crisis point before the play she denied her a kiss but she never said "You can come get it after the play" and she certainly never said anything about a reward that I can remember.

I think Touko didn't tell Yuu she joined the troupe because it didn't occur to her, because she isn't used to doing things for herself. She went on impulse, without thinking about it. It's not like she told other people and Yuu found out later. She brings it up when it comes up, and Yuu finds out about it with everyone else. She also probably doesn't think Yuu would be particularly interested.

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Wait, lmao, am I reading this wrong, or did Rei just reveal that she first asked out her now-long term boyfriend because they were having so much casual sex with each other that not being a couple was getting awkward? Like, the conversation was about initial confessions, she "wanted to take the ambiguity out of the relationship", and she's not going to talk about how they "were doing it without being official"? She's not just talking about being particularly cosy buddies, is she?

Yes, she was fucking that guy, so she wanted to make it official to not look bad socially. Always makes me cringe when i read about a side characters' sex life with a guy, but don't mind me lol.

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Heavensrun, if others are like me, I think we’ve been avoiding being specific about Touko’s immediate reaction to a Yuu confession because of all the things both you and ColdGoldLazarus have been discussing—we’re confident (or at least I am) that things will ultimately work out, but it’s just not like Nakatani to have Little Miss Tied Up In Psychological Knots suddenly be like, “Kisses and dating, Yuu? I thought you’d never ask!” There are too many possible narrative paths to feel very sure about any one of them at this point.

That said, Touko’s “love is a shackle” idea is very specifically tied up with the way she (previously) was living her life according to other people’s expectations, so when her attitude towards herself changes, I’m pretty sure that view of love inevitably will change too.

In a way, although not the way she means it, love is a kind of restriction on oneself—you start to consider your own actions from the perspective of how they affect the other person and how that person will respond to them. But that example she gives—“if you did that, I would fall out of love with you”—is particularly toxic, (I mean, who even says that in a relationship?) and she doesn’t understand that the other one, “I love that about you,” doesn’t mean, “I love you only because of that.” You may like and admire someone because of the list of their positive personal qualities; you love them because they’re who they are and not someone else.

It is notable that Touko’s “anti-love” speech is placed against a drawerful of confession letters where people list all the things they like about her—Yuu would be well-advised to stick to the theme of, “I love you however you turn out, senpai” when she gets around to throwing her own hat in the ring.

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Yuu's sister is awesome

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Regarding Sayaka, I more or less agree with some comments and disagree with others.
Firstly, I think what Sayaka meant in chapter 26 was that she will help Touko because she loves her and wants her to be happy, and that's the only reason she told Yuu about her feelings. She was replying to the "Why did you agree to use the new script?" question that was interrupted previously. By admitting it to Yuu, she may have wanted to start a friendly rivalry, where Touko's well-being was what made them work together.

Another thing, I don't think she would confess to help Yuu. Sayaka knows Touko doesn't see her that way, yet it's been foreshadowed that she will confess anyways (chapter 14, when she wonders if she would be able to confess after Touko changes). Sayaka just wants Touko to know even if it's not reciprocated, imo. Having your feelings bottled up makes them stronger and the uncertainty is painful. Confessing will be closure for her and it will allow her to let go of Touko and start anew. So, I agree with the comment that said that if Sayaka confesses, it will be for own sake.

I can see Sayaka helping Yuu, but only if she notices Touko is suffering as well, and things would turn out like a shoujo trope where a character helps their beloved and their partner be together because they want their beloved to be happy. But Sayaka helping Yuu and Touko be together just for Yuu's sake? I don't think so. Friendly rivals are still rivals after all.

Btw, have you noticed Sayaka was upset Yuu joined her and Touko in that game they were doing in chapter 29 ? It seems Sayaka is still a bit possessive of Touko and still wants to be as close to her as possible, even if she's aware that Yuu is important for Touko too.

Another question: Will the alliance between Sayaka and Yuu be over since Touko is changing? They joined forces to help her, and now that it's done and the play is over, Yuu is thinking of confessing, and Sayaka may be thinking the very same thing, too. It seems they will start pursuing their own interests soon.

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I love how Yuu's sister is super supportive! Would be interesting if Yuu introduces Nanami as her girlfriend to her family :o

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... random ...

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Sayaka confessing is fitting as a sign of character growth, I can't see her holding it back much longer. Touko rejecting her is just as certain in my mind. Most narrative paths seem to lead there, the only one where she doesn't confess that I can see would be if she simply realizes Touko isn't right for her / she's not right for Touko and Yuu can have that honor. Highly unlikely because Sayaka needs to embrace her feelings more, not run away from them and keep them a secret.

I think Yuu would find a semi-romantic way of confessing. Something when it's just the two of them together hanging out and talking about something related to their relationship. It would feel a lot better as in right if nothing random happened to mess it up, cause they'd need to talk about it afterwards.

Touko would probably be confused, caught off-guard, potentially scared after a bit, because I'm sure some part of her still thinks love is a shackle, Or she could be calmer, and more accepting that if everything she has lived and done is hers, than maybe Yuu's love is too, in which case they'd start a relationship anew, probably with some hilarious hijinks happening.

I have a feeling / think it would be really fitting if Maki started showing up more in the final stages of the story. He's a reader stand-in right, and his thing is watching relationships from beginning to end.

I wonder if Yuu will get to Touko first, or Sayaka. I hope it's Yuu. I think if/when Sayaka tells Touko about her feelings, it won't be a full-on confession. More something casually dropped in but with undeniable meaning. Or Touko will reject her like she rejected the other suitors, but she'll also want to continue being friends with her, which would show Touko's growth.

I hope Yuu's confession closes the volume. I also hope it happens the next chapter because this chapter reallllly made it clear it's happening and I don't want to wait any longer than necessary. I don't think it's named "Lead-up" for nothing.

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Insightful and awesome as always. Sis is such a sweetie.

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The anime taaaaaaaaaaaaaaag

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The anime taaaaaaaaaaaaaaag

Yaaassss Can't wait for that~~

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Idk if i asked but this a anime now???

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Idk if i asked but this a anime now???

Yeah, its set to premiere this October.

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I remember reading a chapter where Sayaka met her ex and confronts her with Touko by her side.

Anyone remember which chapter it was? Thank you in advance

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I remember reading a chapter where Sayaka met her ex and confronts her with Touko by her side.

Anyone remember which chapter it was? Thank you in advance

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