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Equips yuri goggles

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Those two are always so cute. <3

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Equips yuri goggles

For what do you need yuri goggles? I almost need sunglasses here...

Dat kotatsu sketch btw

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Waiting for the day when Subtext becomes a thing of history.

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Guess the author is tired from doing laid-back story and decide doing real yuri now
that present is really something, an oven from highschool girl...
what kind of job did kasumi do?

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I don't know how to do the spoilers thing so SPOILERS not much tho
"Can you breathe under there?"
"Then get out!"
And in my head i'm like "but she wants to see them panties more"
(Refering to the koutasu short near the end)

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Cute how Kasumi was laying on Sakurako's lap, under the kotatsu, on the last page. <3

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There is no denying there is more than subtext going on.
The dream is real!!!

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Dat kotatsu short tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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"Can you breathe down there?"

Me: That's what she said, huehuehue.
... Dammit, you guys ruined me! XD

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That illustration at the end... huhuhu...

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Yuri! Tag must be put on....

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That girls face when she got the chocolates, the yuri was radiating!

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Okay, the Subtext needs to be changed for real!

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"Can you breathe down there?"

"Hell yes." smelling fish~

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Oh my god they are such a married couple! Buying a microwave oven as a gift XD

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As always: Super cute. Especially that illustration at the end.

I wonder if the girl who got the candy is going to come back? It seems like she could be a good vector for bringing up actual yuri.

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So I know there are only 11 chapters plus an extra but is there any chance that there is a second volume?

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Girls in Boxes
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So I know there are only 11 chapters plus an extra but is there any chance that there is a second volume?

There's a third volume coming out soon, even...

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Girls... get a room already.

Oh wait.

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I know everyone is commenting about the kotatsu illustration at the end but oh my god, why must you tease us like this. Why.

I'm secretly (not-so-secretly) enjoying it.

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There's a third volume coming out soon, even...

Happy to hear! Thank you tor answering my question. ^.^

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Their relationship is like a stereotypical male and female couple from two (or three) generations ago.

Chapter 10, Panel 5, Column A is like a perfect example of this, "Honey, I got you a new kitchen appliance for a present. Now get in the kitchen and use it."

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Has there ever been another manga where it's so clear the mangaka ships them together without it quite seeming to translate to the story? Still cute though.

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The yuri is picking up!

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