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So I got my hands on Nyantype Magazine and scanned the coverage on Mermaid. Everythin's in japanese of course, but there are some neat stuff like concept art and the like.

Let me know if there's something wrong

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You're worried about the petting? This part is way worse:

"Love: Allows your preferred girl’s pleasure to go up when you pet them! If you get along well, maybe you can even do this and that…?!"

So I guess that's it guys, the worst scenario happened, Siren is another shitty self insert harem and Mermaid might be the only yuri we'll see in VD, I knew this project was too good to yuri fans to be true, yuri is dead!

Stop being stupid. It is just a shitty mobile game with basically no story.

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That quilt though

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Poor Mamori

Don't you remember that Mamori and Akira are fated? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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So here's the first part of Lady Lady story, thanks to an awesome /a/non

Bill of rescue for people infected by A virus - to simply put it says "Those who infected by A virus are dangerous but they still have human rights so they should be isolated on an artificial island", at the time the UN adopted this, as if to put a cap on smelly thing, bill, my ability as infected by A-virus was already manifested.
The average age of materialization of the abilities is 14 years old. And yet, as a precocious child, my infection progressed to the Extar ability - manifestation of Arm, at the age of 9.
There were no human rights for the infected before the UN bill got adopted. I hid the ability and lived while holding my breath. From the time I was born I didn't have any relatives so there weren't anyone who would protect me in this whole world.
And so, one day, men in black, saying they're members of intelligence agency of my dead father's homeland, Nathless, appeared before me and told me this:
- You're infected, the special ability in your body is enough to threaten modern society. Normal people are afraid of your power, one might assume they'd want to exclude you even by force. However, if you'll answer our demands, if this power will help the development of your father's country, we'll protect you and promise you a normal life.
I instantly understood the meaning of it, as I was a precocious child.
-> You're saying, I should become a government dog?
Men in black with, if you could say, a surprised look said to me:
- The way you're now, you're even lower than a dog.
I> don't know how they found out but intelligence agency knew about my ability. My Extar ability is to turn into an Arm that forcefully cancels the transformation. They wanted to use me to invalidate other ability users for exposing, if that ability is useful that exposed person takes in to the agency; they wanted to strengthen the agency.
I didn't have a "no" in this, as I was told to, I became an agent, teamed up with Liberator (I don't remember her name) and exposed a lot of ability wielders.
By sacrificing girls with the same circumstances as me, I got a surveillanced "freedom".
5 years later.
The agency set out an exposing strategy of a certain criminal group. Seems like there was an ability user in that group because criminals vanished from a crime scene like a wind. I was ordered to participate in that strategy. I didn’t have a reason to decline. Strictly speaking, it was tiresome to even think about a reason to decline.
Capturing exposed using my ability.
Repeating this day by day.
I don’t even care now.
I degraded to a dog in its true meaning. A tamed dog.
A few days later, the exposing strategy began.
I was surprised by that scene.
The weapon that gets manifested from my Extar ability, the forceful cancellation of the transformation, Disarmament Buster, didn’t hit the target.
The exposed user rode a black bike (probably a weapon) and was escaping while dodging all of my attacks. She isn’t avoiding my attacks just by driving skills. That bike has a “will” and is avoiding them. She’s a top class ability user, huh.
Everything was a gloom for me, this is the first time I failed the mission – but that’s what put my heart on fire.
And I realized.
I was depressed because everything went smoothly. The ability to forcefully cancel the transformation is, in a way, invincible so I lost the word “surprise” from my dictionary.
There is no game more boring than a game where you’ll always win. People who are satisfied by that are just sadists getting pleasure from tormenting others.
I was enjoying the “surprise” that born inside me.
For the first time since I became an agent I felt “freedom”.
The world is more interesting if it doesn’t go the way you want it.
But I don’t like things that don’t allow me to go the way I want.
This ambivalence is ruling me.
I cancelled my transformation by myself, my partner, Liberator, was calling for me to stop but I ignored her, jump in to the car and started to chase after targets.
Even though there is no way I could catch up to them.
Moreover, I didn’t even have a weapon.
This is a “surprise” as well.
Right, I felt exaltation to the point I couldn’t control myself.
I dashed at the speed of more than 180 MPH and thought to myself.
I wouldn’t meet with targets even doing all this.
And still, not even dropping the strength with which I step into gas pedal, I smiled bitterly to myself.
It’s a real “surprise”.
And so, I meet with even more “surprise“.
I saw lights at the other side of the highway.
That was the headlights of the bike that should have already fled away.
I stepped on the brakes.
The rock tire left stains on the asphalt and oozed the burn smell.
I got out of the car and looked at the bike. The person who rode the bike is nowhere to be seen. Did she escape or just hide somewhere and watching…
Suddenly the bike cancelled her transformation and showed herself.
It was a woman who wore black dress. She had long purplish-red hair, her eyes seemed somewhere sad and left an impression on me. But more than that, I was captivated by her figure. Chest stands out as if it has its own will and to contrast it tight waist… She had proportions unparalleled in the world. Furthermore, she was around the same age as me.
I asked her:
-Where is your partner?
The woman said, slightly smiling:
-Who knows.
-Why were you waiting?
-Why were you following me alone?
-Yes, surprised.
-Actually, I, myself, think the same.
It’s a bit late, but I just realized that I was smiling. I’m enjoying it. The meeting with that woman. The meaningless conversation.
Surely, she is as well.
That’s why I was following and she was waiting.

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So I got my hands on Nyantype Magazine and scanned the coverage on Mermaid. Everythin's in japanese of course, but there are some neat stuff like concept art and the like.

Let me know if there's something wrong

There's nothing wrong about it except the gangrape scene in Mirei personal profile. It's the worst nightmare I'd ever seen. I wished I'll forget this scene. Edit it would be better.

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Be at Weste

live in castle
forced to be a soldier
will force you into arranged relationship just so your innate capabilities can be wielded
petty high school cliques wield actual power here, queen bee gives herself chuuni French name, lesbo gestapo wreaking havoc
Governor drives a faggy scooter

Be At Torino Village

live outside of castle
live in cozy village
go to the beach and fish
grow dank crops
hot springs
cruise around the wilderness all day on a motordyke
be Lady Lady and live in a motorhome on a cliff by the sea
Chinagirl black market gets you whatever the fuck you want anyway

My sides

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Unexpected development from Momoka. She makes Charlotte showing her "soft" side for the 1st time. But after Akira's defeat, what is Momoka going to do with Charlotte ? He he he !

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I love Momoka xD

Also her diss of Akira was soooo good xD

Still not sure if Momoka is evil or just brainwashed, but love her anyway xD

Holy crap. I got it. Mirei is fused with Momoka's Exsta's power o_O Ok, I'm not 100% sure on that one, since they just have same colors and similar design, not identical. Still it seems like Mirei took part in it voluntary, but later she changed mind and wanted to quit, that is why they got rid of her. It is completely possible, everyone in that project were totally evil like Momoka acted in episode and Mirei actually realized she doesn't fit there. That also explains, why she was ashamed of her past.

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Second part of the LL story

Never have I thought she’d follow me alone.I was certainly surprised. But I had a feeling that, perhaps, she would.
The woman that got off the car had blond hair and was in a functional for a government’s dog, yet shocking outfit. Her style (to a lesser degree than mine) isn’t bad. I can’t say for sure because she wears sunglasses but her age couldn’t be that different from mine.

I took an interest in her. It’s true that I dodged her attacks but it’s the first time I had to swing so much.She matches my speed; she’s above A-class, an S-class user.I wanted to directly confirm what kind of woman she is. Even if I had to shook off my partner from the bike.

I’ve never thought she’d be the same age…
She said to me while smiling:
-Are you the leader of the group?
I slightly shook my head and answered:
-I was just hired by the group. You can’t get a decent job while having this ability.
-Yeah, agreed.
Her eyes were tinged with sorrow.
I thought the same. She is like me. The only difference is the employer – criminal syndicate or the government.Living the life restricted by binds.
Could you say it’s really “living”?
I had a feeling I heard a sorrowful scream inside me; I started to get closer to the girl with sunglasses. I didn’t think about what to do. I just naturally entrusted myself as it is and acted that way. These are my true feelings.
I stopped in front of her and spoke:
-Feel like catching me?
-I’m unsure what to do.
-You’re honest.
-It’s only you. You’re special.
She reached out her hand with the look of love, and the moment her finger touched my cheek, something burst open inside me. That impact pierced through my body.
I sensed liberation when all the cells in my body got reborn in an instant. It’s not an unpleasant feeling. On the contrary, the lingering trace of the impact makes my body tremble in enjoyment.
Did I reach climax? Me? Just by finger touching my cheek?
But looking at her, just like me, she has the same ecstatic expression on her.Was it a resonance of A-virus carriers?
No, or was it…
Right after that I saw an object flying with a roar.
-A rocket?
We rolled on the road from the impact of explosion that we received up front. It’s probably an attack by Natheless intelligence agency.
She said while standing up:
-You’re really hated, huh?
-That’s because I made them suffer a lot. And what about you, are you hated by your comrades?
-Wrong. I hate them.
-I see.
I looked in the direction from where the attack has been carried out and asked:
-What would you do? You can understand from the looks of it. You’re Extar. Me too. We can’t drive without Liberator.
-In other words a desperate situation.
Even in a situation like this she’s smiling.
And me too.
Most likely, because we are together.
Because even if we don’t know each other’s name and past we feel so much sympathy.
We can understand each other just by touching. From the time our eyes met. We were already driving.
She was looking at me as her face slowly draws near.
I’m not rejecting it.
She got closer and gently murmured:
-What’s your name?
-Lady J
-I’m Hasumi Rain
Our lips met.
With the sweet sighs, Rain’s body started to release light and changing its shape.
This is the beginning of our bond.
That kiss.
I won’t ever forget.
By the rescue bill for the ones infected by the A virus, a special protected area for the infected the 7th artificial island was constructed. Also known as Mermaid.
From the decayed bus, not in the residential area but in the forest, where Lady Lady are quietly living, their sighs are leaking.
Hasumi Rain and Lady J sleep naked.
It’s to answer partner’s demands at any time.
It’s to always feel each other.
Hasumi Rain asks, while burying her head in Lady J’s N cup breasts and caressing her nipple:
-J, why didn’t you use Arm at that time?
-You should know it already
At that time Lady J’s Liberator power bloomed, she turned Hasumi Rain into Arm and took a stance for a counter attack. However, she didn’t shoot.
When Hasumi Rain gasped the truth, she understood Lady J’s intent in a moment.
Even if they would escape from that place they couldn’t become “free”. If they’d return to crime syndicate and intelligence agency all they’d get is controlled "freedom”. That’s why, she choose to get caught on purpose.
Being isolated on the artificial island might be “confinement” for someone, but not for them. In the “confinement” of the island, they got “freedom” in its true meaning. No one restrict them, no one would use them.
If you want to get out of the island just act accordingly, and if you don’t, than doing nothing is fine.
Sleep at any time you like, eat at any time you like, flirt at any time you like.
They’re “free”.
With that intention Hasumi Rain choose Lady J.
And Lady J choose Hasumi Rain.
They laid their bodies on top of each other many times, they’re familiar with each other’s bodies to the degree that there’s nothing they don’t know about them. That’s why even if they don’t take direct actions, they can mutually drive.
They think.
We have both Extar and Liberator powers but we didn’t become hybrids because of the virus. Our bond made that happen. The girls made a vow. Not to the God but to themselves. To always be together. Not even death can do them part. Hasumi Rain kissed Lady J, who just reached climax from caressing and breathed roughly. The same as the day they met.
The kiss of freedom.

Is beautiful

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Ohh a Lady Lady back story! Thanks for posting!
I wonder though, if they choose to be on the island why do they want to get out now?

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because they choose to get out?

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Better look at Bhikkhuni's gameplay

While is it built upon SK engine, the gameplay looks more tightly designed (The lock on isn't useless for once) and has added a sort of "Just Defend/Parry" mechanic along a proper evade button. Graphic-wise I think it looks better than SK as well

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Bhikkhuni's trophies translated and localized

I'm betting you guys will find these trophies relevant

Intimate Connection
Performed a Drive for the first time.

Performed a Final Drive for the first time.

Our Bodies are Ready
Peformed a Connect.

My Heart Remains True
Completed a Maximum Affection Novel.

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The account where Marvelous uploaded Bhikkhuni's gameplay videos has been terminated by YT


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That's kinda funny seeing how there are uncensored Let's Plays of Outlast Whitsleblower on Youtube. The too hot part is only speculation though.

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Well, unfortunately if the rumors are true. I can't see the ending part.

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^I'm guessing some people got together and spammed the report channel button or someone just automated it. Youtube bans stuff before they look into what's supposedly wrong, I think.

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That is what happened most likely, account is back

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Momo gameplay


Mamori and Mirei are DLC for Bhikkhuni!

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It's out! so here comes all the footage :D

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I wish that this game would be release in PS4 too.

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I think Bhikkhuni gameplay looks like Musou-type. Even if it's that so, who'll be Lu Bu-type ? He he he !

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Cute fanart!

Hey, Virgin-chan! nyan
My name is Tokonome!
It's not Virgin!
Then you're "not-virgin-chan"
I'm... I'm a virgin!
Hey, those two...
What's up with them? (sorry)
((They're becoming good friends...))


You know, I would be fine if the series were to end like this:



And a not so cute one

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