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joined Jan 8, 2014

Oh man...too cute!
Nozomi seems to be the least oblivious of them all, Eli totally chickened out!
Great pairings! ^_^

joined Dec 28, 2014

Lol Maki's the moves XD

joined Jun 30, 2014

So cute >3<

joined Feb 23, 2015

3 ships x 1 release, great job! But the 2nd year are missing :'c

joined Feb 10, 2013

Nozomi is such a born manipulative one. xD
Pretty funny. ^^

joined May 10, 2014

"They're probably busy flirting again" classic RinPana...

joined Oct 1, 2018

Like the first one better, but imma leave comment here since it's too few

joined Jun 8, 2022

TOO CUTE!!!!! I love the art-style SO MUCH!!!!~~HUGE THANKS to the mangaka and translators!~~

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