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So about this LGBT event, will there be photos? Will we get to see the elusive Jin's face?

It was in October isn't?
I think she talked about an LGBT event she went to on her ameba.
The one thing I remember is that apparently somebody recognised her in the crowd.
But yeah...
I would like to know what she looks like...

Apart from the fact that she draws herself with short black hair, I'm clueless ;(
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:D I liked it, it made me giggle. ^.^
Lol can't help butfeel like she made up some of those things to keep the other girl all to herself. :p

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That's a quick move,,, xD
Good thing she was able to dodge those kicks. :3c
Am I the only one who doesn't get the credit reference? Dx

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She's level 100 and didn't have any girls that are interested in her drop?

But seriously though, good book. Nice to see something light-hearted from Jin

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Am I the only one who doesn't get the credit reference? Dx

Go watch Yuri Kuma Arashi and you will get it. :3!.600.1492198
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These credits, lol. Awesome like always.

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Am I the only one who doesn't get the credit reference?

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Nice comedy, I really like the innocent or clumsy girl, but I don't quite like this kind of pairing, I feel bad for the girl you know? being teased, never knowing if her partner is being serious or not and most of the compliments are keep for themselves... "You're so cute like that" or "I like that side of you" They (Those who can keep their cool at all times) don't (often) say it in order to keep exploting their insecurity and harvest their reactions... In my case, I make sure to let her know how much I love her whenever I find a good chance, and when it comes to fun we find something where we can laught at the same time... Well I'm just overthinking it, there are all kind of flavors for love and this is just comedy, anyway to summarize; I wouldn't tease my girl (too much) or make that a daily routine.


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Am I the only one who doesn't get the credit reference? Dx

Go watch Yuri Kuma Arashi and you will get it. :3

Go watch Yuri Kuma Arashi because it is a good show and you should watch it

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Going out is obviously the right thing to do

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Kuma shock!!!

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I feel this would be a decent seris. I would love to see the progress.

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Fantastic lesbian manzai courtesy of Jin-sensei. It ended on such a cute note too. I want so much more. Thanks for your efforts, Divulge.

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Well, that was kinda cute <3

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So I'm just about to go on a "date" and I think it might end up something like this.... haha genuinely laughed out loud.

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At the end she's a tsundere -.-

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Aw, don't remind me of that Lily-Bear-Storm thing, you stupid credit page!

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The heck, she plays KanColle and already level 100!? I'm sorry but your girlfriend's not gonna drop. It's first-handed experience! lol I like this kind of rom-com, seriously, they're cute.

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I lost it at "Shock...! Kuma Shock!"
Seriously, divulge scans' credits always deliver.

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Lol, I let out an inhuman noise at the end of the manga. Takemiya Jin never disappoints. This seriously made my day. contented sigh

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I let out an inhuman noise at the end of the manga.

You may wanna go see a doctor and have that checked out. I'm fairly sure that shouldn't happen.

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holy shit the credits page.. sexy

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A refreshing side to Takemiya-sensei. Here's to hoping more Jin-fluff! :)

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Very cute.

Jin needs to stay away from drama for a while and do fluffy stuff.

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