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Nooooooo :'v why did it had to end?!!! :'(

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Need an another Love/Death couple!

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An awfully peaceful final chapter

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happy new year everyone , what a good way to end the year with some yandere yuri <3

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Happy New Year people!
Ahh it warms my heart to see these 2 couples again....they're teeth rottingly cute. I'm gonna miss these kids ;_;
And again, thanks so much to the Divulge scans team!

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How sweet, I love, love, love this manga!!!

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2017 just rolled in, good way to start the year with some final dose of rabudesu. Happy new year everyone!

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2016 stirkes again. Just had to finish one last thing off before it was out :P well it was a good series while it lasted

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"It was incredibly fun, but I also don't know what got into me."
Sounds about right.

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It was adorable but, did I not read it close enough or was the hair like, not the same?

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"I don't know what got into me". that's called pure genius, author.

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Damn, another great series finished. That author note at the end was pretty much perfect though

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I really liked Nicochuu more than LOVE/DEATH. Each chapter was about something new. LOVE/DEATH was too repetitive and used way too much the same plot element (jealousy).

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It's completed. :( I'm so sad.

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Lol! Her delinquent kouhai is so cool...and then breaks down all cute right after! ^_^

Thanks for translating!

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I really liked Nicochuu more than LOVE/DEATH. Each chapter was about something new. LOVE/DEATH was too repetitive and used way too much the same plot element (jealousy).

I think the same, Nicochuu was sooo adorable *_*

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I just really liked the Delinquent/Delinquent pairing, with the senpai trying to become more responsible and less delinquent-y because she wanted to be a good senpai.

Why didn't ma first couple get a KIZZ at the end too?!?!? O_o

Also can i say that i already expected the two of the idol group looked similar to the two first mains, i just knew they'd be into them just 'cuz of their looks...? It was obvious in my eyes XD ADOOORRBZZZ! <3

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Thanks for translating this last chapter. I wasn't too keen into this manga after reading the first chapter but after the second I thought it was very funny and kinda cute. I've seen part of a couple get jealous when the other just loo at some other girl with admiring eyes. So, taking it to the extreme was funny. Also, a kiss with no spit/drool involved!! Hurray!!

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dawww those delinquents were so cute, i want more

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I started reading at first, and was stunned by the awesomeness of this manga, and only after that, discovered - the author is the same as Nekoyama-san to Inugami-san. Well, that explain all: one of my favorite author + great story = win

DR2 Hajime Hinata
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tsundere to a new level

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This is so funny.

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9/10 for both art and story

Aika-chan and Shō-chan are totally my type !! >.<

ah, but they're not real :'

my opinion, it would be better if in the side story (about Aika-chan and senpai) Aika-chan is not smoking, she's a innocent and cute student... then she meet a delinquent senpai

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