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Got up a little too early, bleh...

ann: I actually took up a new hobby to fill up the empty spaces in my heart hahaha.

What hobby? ...crochet? :D

Any hobby will do.

Although golf isn't very popular around here.

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hiatus extension, i think... :( am trying to decipher it rn

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Nooo OK she's on hiatus. Is it indefinite?

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Maybe she's having problems with server too... I hope so!

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if my deciphering google translate is any good, it's unclear how long it's going to last at the moment...

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Yup, long-term hiatus for health reasons. Ssamba must be pretty sick :(

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Again?? ;-;
Long term...I hope Ssamba has nothing serious

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Oh. So the hiatus message was updated?

...I thought that was the same one from two weeks ago.

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This is exactly why i don't get excited for chapters anymore

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Yes. It's hiatus.

OK. Back to sleep until further notice.

I will need to survive on WDTFS somehow

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Well it was a fun ride, FF Fam. I'm just going to seal away all things FF in my mind and wish Ssamba good health.

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--Ooohh. That hiatus message.

I need an email subscription for the chapter post, ha-ha. I too wish Ssamba a full recovery. Time pressure doesn't help with recovery speed.

'til some unknown future date, folks. o/

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This feels like the time i spent wondering when a certain console game would come to pc lol
Hope nothing bad happens to ssamba
Aand see you guys in a few months (god i hope not)

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Hope it's nothing very serious and wish Ssamba a speedy recovery. I'm just hoping that she will still continue FF once she is fully recovered, whenever that is.

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Really hope she will recover soon. Must be pretty stressful to have to rush a comic every week on top of other work commitments.

And can we all pray PRAY that it doesn't go the way of NANA.

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Really rough translation:

Hello, this is ssamba.
My current health is poor so unavoidably, it's been decided to take an extended hiatus.
I'm very sorry to the readers who were waiting.
There was no choice but to do so, so please, I ask for your understanding.
I am always truly grateful to and love the readers who cherish Fluttering Feelings.
I will return soon in good health.

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hope Ssamba will be fully recovered soon! good health is the most important thing in life

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Dear Ssamba! Just get well! I'll pray for you! All of us will!
Remembering how sensitive you're to stress, and how easy it is to get stomach-related issues from stress and burnout... and having been through this all by myself once too, I really wish you all the best! Please, sleep well, 7-8 hours a day, minimum. Please, go to sleep early, before midnight preferably. Please, eat well! It's best to cook for yourself - it helps both with your own discipline and taking care of the food being proper for your stomach. Please, relax and smile more, smile at everything because nothing deserves to make you feel unhappy! After all, life itself is a once in a lifetime experience, so you better enjoy it :) Please, find yourself a good psychotherapist who can help you to get through your hardships and to sort out all your worries. If you're by any chance really reading this now and feeling like talking to me, just mail me to takahashi.eria [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com - I'll be really glad to help ;)

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hope its nothin serious, i pray for full recovery

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I hope she get recovered well soon..

Our destiny.. another week (or weeks) without FF..

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Oh... I jinxed it.

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Oh... I jinxed it.

You're scary......

Get well Ssamba

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