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This is pretty wonderful, but the elephant in the room is "is this yuri?" And honestly I'd say no, since nobody here seems to be in a romantic relationship. Touma and Koromo seem to be in a kind of modified mother-child relationship except both are equals or close to it.

So idk, what does anyone else think?

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In terms of canon + popular consensus, the only subtext Koromo is ever involved with is with her and Fujita, I think (kinda awkward on account of the age gap, not to mention being kind of one-sided so it doesn't get much serious play). The standard Hajime x Touka subtext is also present in this work. I agree that the focus of the doujin is kinda undeniably not yuri so I would be for the removal of the tag.

All that aside, though--shit, that was seriously cute. Aside from doing really great stuff with the characters, it makes me recall the excitement which followed the first anime season. Thanks for the bump!

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Yeah, I was off put from reading this 'cause of the Koromo x Touka tag, but it's actually a sweet family doujin. I agree the tag should be removed, this isn't yuri.

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I wait for yuri but there's none ;(

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