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I read this a long time ago and was just looking around and reading some stuff today and thought I'd re-visit it. I actually really like this one. The uncertain, casual relationship the two have over the three years after they first went on a date was interesting. The fact that Yoshino couldn't handle the lack of commitment and left, pretty much without a word, really suggests that, while she realized she was in love with Yae, she didn't think that Yae would return that love in an exclusive manner. She hadn't had any reason to think that she would, frankly, and she had every reason to believe that her relationship with Yae was on the level of sex friend and that Yae was really hetero and not someone who would commit to a lesbian relationship. She may not have thought that Yae could commit to any relationship. It was unclear, but I got the feeling that Yoshino also dated other women during that time, right?

In any event, getting pregnant, despite supposedly not being able to have children changed Yae. (That DOES happen folks. I know a family with four children and the first two were in the same year in school. They were told that she couldn't have children and so they adopted a baby. By the time the adoption was complete, she was already about 6 months pregnant... My grandmother was told she couldn't have anymore kids after having my mom. Nine years later she was totally shocked and I have an aunt...) I think that the part about Yae wishing that Yoshino would have asked for commitment when they were younger is interesting. The fact that she realized that SHE should have made the first move shows maturity. They both grew up and found each other again... That makes for a nice story.

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I liked this. It was good, they finally had that talk they needed so badly. Yoshino's cool. She doesn't say much, but you just kind of feel what she doesn't say.
The cigarette line at the last page, definitely a great way to end it all, it implies so much. My heart's satisfied. It took 8 years, but she finally got through.

So that was her at the end coming back to Yaes apartment, right?

What's more, we can see from last page that Chieri considers her as second mom - it's pretty obvious who's "so tall"

oh my gooood ;u;

There should be a smoking tag.
It's not terribly important and it's far from so irl, but I find that there's this certain charm or feel I get, from characters in yuri who smoke. All I can remember is Philosophia and Cigarettes != Chocolate, the smokers had this aloof and bitter impression to them, which I liked. Would make it easier to keep track of

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It wasn't infidelity or cheating, they were in a casual sex-based relationship. It was a consensual thing. Rejected the tag requests.

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So they were in a casual relationship and it took glasses girl seeing someone else at her apartment to realize she loved her and her running for the slut to realize she loved glasses girl?

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I liked this one, depend's on how you feel on the Yae character. I think She's a case of someone looking for love in the wrong places, a little immature and she probably loved the MC but the MC didn't express her feelings towards Yae, so she thought it was a friends with benefits thing until the moment at the guy opened the door, i think then Yae probably knew then how Yoshino felt. Probably along with having her daughter, she grew up a little and a few years someone can grow up and mature. That's the case of Yae.

The lesson learned from this one shot is don't withhold feelings just express them. A simple talk and Yae wouldn't have slept with all those guys.

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"Her clothes are lame"... "She looks pathetic"..? Lol I feel insulted by the author, since I wear clothes like that... Everyone can wear whatever they want, though, I don't have negative thoughts like those: thinking that someone looks lame or whatever.

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What a retarded fucking story, why the hell you wanna get with a whore that has a damn kid?

The protagonist in the end got cucked.

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Some people like kids (shocker), a lot of kids have step parents who love them more than their biological parents. Yoshino never thought she'd have a kid because shes gay (and getting a donor in Japan isn't easy) and it seems like Yae was more focused on caring for her daughter rather than finding a new relationship so no idea how that makes her a whore. Yae wanted kids and gave up a worthless relationship with a moron of a guy for her daughter. Good for her.

No one got cucked either lol did you even read it properly.

This is probably my favorite from this author though. The Rocky uncertain relationship that ended up with two broken hearts because they couldn't communicate past their casual relationship. But they ended up finding one another as stable adults who finally sorted things out.

I have no idea how anyone could dislike this one honestly.

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I tried to find this one using the Non-science babies tag, but it turns out it's not tagged as such. I would request it, but it would probably ruin the story for any first time readers. Oh well, still a good story

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