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argghh I need more tsubasa x honoka. I could read this pairing all day

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^I was so happy when I saw this on Yuri-ism originally. I read this like 5 times already. I'm hoping for more!

Creeper Rin appears again! This was still really sweet even though Honoka and Tsubasa never physically interact. The afterwards was priceless.

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Yes, yes... let ninja!Rin permeate all of the doujinshi like the meme she is.
:MrBurnsVoice: Excellent :MrBurnsVoice:

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One thing I don't like about texting is knowing when to stop...
Not replying makes it seems rude, and if both sides think that way, it'll go on till they need to stop for certain events (i.e. sleeping, working, bad/no signal, etc.)
Or maybe it's just old me not getting used to today's texting etiquette...
On another note, that afterwards got me XD

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This is sooooo cute Honoka is such an airhead, Fight Tsubasa!

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argghh I need more tsubasa x honoka. I could read this pairing all day

yep i agree i could too Honoka x Tsubasa are cute Ship/couple

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ah, that was sweet! Just like Honoka to mess up and message via the group chat though

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I need more of Honoka x Tsubasa in my life...

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Honoka x Tsubasa desu ka? ara ara!! this is something else ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ nyu~ can't wait for more Honoka x Tsubasa-Sama O(≧▽≦)O

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Ahhhh....what a sweet read before bed :3

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We all need more Tsubasa x Honoka in our lives X3 it's just too perfect!!!

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Need more Tsubasa and Honoka kyahh~

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awww, cute xD though I want to see some closure XD hehehe

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I lost it at the afterward, one day I need to actually see Love Live

OrangePekoe Admin
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This pairing is just so good. This "I'm going to do my best!" kind of Tsubasa is also really cute.

Of course, I'm on episode freaking 10, so I finally got spoiled on something...

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Page 24, man.

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haha 'I think... I always respond out loud so it feels like I've send something back.' that idiot xD

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dareka...dareka taskete!! >.<
need moar TsubaHono OTP

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I'm on hype....
Binge reading lovelive doujins! I need moar honoka x tsubasa. :D
Why did i just discover lovelive now?

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Lol that ending.

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Tsuba's expression on the last page omg... I love ditzy Honoka it's so cute hhhggfgfhg

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