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Meant for versions 2.2 (Froyo) and above.
It's freshly tinkered to work on Ice Cream Sandwich.
Written and worked on by harawa on our IRC channel.

If there are any problems about it working, please post about it here. Include your phone type and ROM please.
It can't be put onto the android market due to adult content.

Edit: Last updated sometime after AE's post.

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Yay! So far I haven't found any problems with it. It runs fine on my mytouch 4G slide, version 2.3.4.
(pfft! due to adult content?! what about all those #$^@ sex apps and whatnot!?!)

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Well the maker is a Google employee himself, so uh I'm sure he's going to be more strict trying to not get fired breaking their own rules than what's happening in reality.

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I have a little bit of a problem... The application fonts are too small...
My phone's model is Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360....
I hope that you can help me >bows<

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Late response, but I'll try to talk to our guy about it (or you could hop onto our IRC channel and try poking "harawa".

Also this is more for me to not forget telling him than it is for anyone; from ender89:

I just noticed the android application, and I love the idea. It seems to be a bit of a beta, and I wanted to give some feed back; this seems to be the relevant place to do it.
A bit of background: I am programmer irl, mostly .net, python and javascript/html. I have developed for windows mobile(unfortunately), I have written a c# windows comic viewer, have familiarity with java, and would be willing to help with development either as a tester or as a coder. I have the ability to build, test and debug android apps.
1) You might want to consider scaling the pages to fit the window initially. It is a mobile app, so while some zooming and panning is probably going to be required, I've always found it nice to see the entire page first and then worry about what I can and cant read.
2) I love the icon, I really do, but I just think that maybe the link to lesbian comic book porn on my mobile phone could use some subtly. Its just so when my kid cousin gets tired of angrybirds, I don't get awkward questions about what akiko is doing to mari. or get known as the guy with lesbian comic book porn on his cell phone. I get the feeling that no amount of explaining would make it go away, and I would have to change my name and live out my shame in a different city.
3) Swiping would be nice, along with the option to change reading order from left-to-right to right-to-left.
that's about it. I would suggest that the development team check out the "Perfect Reader" application to see a really well done mobile comic reader.

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I know that application... But, I uninstalled it... :/
I'll just wait for an update for this..

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Stopped working on my Asus Transformer Prime today. Weill not load any content. Tried un-installing and reinstalling with no luck. It is like the series and one shots are not there.

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installed and when i click on series and one shot it gave me error ;

Unfortunately Dynasty Reader has stopped.

im on ICS 4.0.3

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I've been having problems with pages, in the Dynasty Reader Android application, displaying as black pages instead of the way they are intended to display. It seems to happen with some of the releases, but not others. In many cases, but not all, I was able to reload the page and display it correctly if I selected the back button (built into my android device) to take me back out to the previous menu (ex: Series, One-shots, or Downloads menu), and then re-enter that release at the page I left off. This workaround only fixes the current page being viewed, and has to be repeated after advancing to the next page if it is displayed as a black page as well (which it usually does). The workaround completely failed to work with the "I can't be honest..." release.

For reference I am using the Dynasty Reader 1.0 on an Archos 70 Internet tablet running Android 2.2.1 with the most current firmware release 2.4.83

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I've noticed some of the one shots will not display properly if they've been downloaded. "Secrecy" and "I want to gaze at you in this fleeting moment" are two that experience the problem. If you download them, exit out of them and go back you are given a directory with blue font (that looks like a list of tags) instead of the pages of the manga. To fix it you have to go into your downloads section hold down the name, and select delete when the option pops up.

Edit: It also appears to be a problem with series Yamato Nadesico.

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Sorry to necro this, but is there a more recent version of this app? It definitely won't work on my tablet...

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the last version of the app have an FC on my devices :S


Sony ZL - ROM: KitKat

Samsung galaxy note tab8.0 - ROM: Jelly Bean

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Any update for the app? Been waiting for ages.

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