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I love how clueless Koizuka is.

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Oooohhh.. Seems like it'll be an interesting series

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That tragedy inviting warning has me a little worried, but the story seems interesting. I hope I don't end up regretting it later...

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That tragedy inviting warning has me a little worried, but the story seems interesting. I hope I don't end up regretting it later...

true, but right now I keep thinking, "women in uniform."

me ---> drooling

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Norainhere Uploader
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Mmmmm, this is nice. I do hope the author explores Koizuka's initial relationships with the princess and the captain more. Now that I think about it, did they ever mention their names?

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i think the het come from the fact that the foreign country's queen is a man, the shadow on her face is suspect

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ya some what of action yuri series. I can't wait until my yuri manga comes out

satsuki matoi
joined May 2, 2014

I think this one is going to be a very interesting one.... Can't wait for ch 2

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Is it just me who got misled by the name of the series and thought it would be about girls and scooters, sort of like Girl's Ride?

Also, uniformmmsssss... drools

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Very curious. Had to read it twice to grasp the plot more and to make the names stick better. I found it more appealing after the second reading. It doesn't feel like a love triangle.. More like a square (?) since we have koizuka, the princess, the captain and the queen.

Quite disappointing how both the princess and koizuka was waiting for each other to confront one another about the marriage to the queen, but it seems like the princess is a tsun, so, for me it feels like it was koizuka who should've done the first move.

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This looks like it has a good story so far so I can't wait for the next chapter.
My only problem is that whenever my brain reads the title "Vespa", it sounds like Pewdiepie and I end up cracking up. I can't stop my brain from reading it like "VESPAAAA".

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Hmmm. So far, the only endearing character is the Queen imo. The main protagonist is kind of annoying and the captain's a fucking douche. I really don't like that captain character at all. She seems pushy and abusive. There was not even one panel in which she was a pleasant human being. She also appears to be very selfish.

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^I find it very peculiar that you find the queen endearing cause we haven't gotten a lot of info about her yet. Not how she acts or how she looks, just her silhouette. For me, the captain was alright. I don't know why you find her abusive as I didnt come across any part where she felt offensive or insulting (although i do agree she seems just a wee bit pushy); the princess seems to be the abusive one, hitting Koizuka and stuff.

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For this chapter i am going to curse in my own language
A đù

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Better wash out the bad taste with some idots and comedy.

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Holy fuck. Chapter 2 and I already sincerely regret starting this series. I'm absolutely not okay with rape at all. ESPECIALLY BY GUYS. I'm done.

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I've read campanella's spoiler, I anticipated it. Still can't say it didn't gave me quite a damage, nevertheless.
The story itself is quite, how should I say, exotic? Well, it still has style in its own justice, I guess.

Oh, I'm just going to say this for relief so pardon me; GODDAMN SHIT OKITA HIROKO

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NOOOOOOO!!! A heavy blow to the least they didn't show it but that still hurts

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I feel like the bomb drop of "the woman you love is going to be raped a lot" shouldn't be followed by a bunch of funny faces and comedy. Seriously, the latter parts of this chapter just whipped you from watching the Princess get assaulted to Koizuka freaking out in a way that at least seems like it's trying to be funny and then back again.

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I'm really glad A.I. IRL doesn't work anything like that.

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This is a Yuri Hime manga? How the mighty has fallen.

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First chapter said there was het and rape soon........ Second chapter it's there! I can't wait to see the plan in the next chapter if it's there

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Welp this is a fucking disaster. It took such a bad turn after the first chapter.

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Wow that sucks for the princess. I feel really bad for even though she kicked the shit out of the main protagonist's face so much in chapter 1 lol.....
I hope this ends with a happy ending. Chapter 3 is the last one right? Hope it gets released soon. :-)

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