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I was happy to find the best available scans for this series on Dynasty, so thanks for that.

I've reviewed this series!

I think it's quite good, "entertaining" most definitely, but I wish it would reveal more Kasen's secrets rather than adding more.

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Wasn't expecting to see a ton of Touhou chapters uploaded in two days.

Exaflare Bahamut
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Yes! Finally it was updated

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This makes me ship Reimu and Kasen

too bad there aren't that many doujins about them (that i know of)

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Ha, poor kasen - reimu's prospects are ALWAYS grim.

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is the new chapter a prequel to Hidden Star in Four Seasons?

joined Apr 27, 2013

Sure looks like it

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W H E R E I S C H A P T E R 43 ? ? ?

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Is this still ongoing like it claims or is it finished? A quick look at the last page of ch42 makes it seem like that was the end. I don't want to start reading it till it is finished.

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I hadn't seen this before. What a neat little series. =)

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The most common interpretation is that Kasen is an oni posing as a hermit for some reason.

It makes sense, but it seems too easy. I'm hoping there's more to it than that.

I know this is so three years ago, but I am a bit late to the party. One of my favorite moments while reading this series was the point where all the pieces fell into place and I realized Kasen was an Oni. They actually foreshadow it long before the actual big reveal during the drinking contest in chapter 32.

For me the Ahaa! moment was at the start of chapter 21 when they first mention the practice of bean throwing. Kasen's reaction was just so odd and then all of a sudden the broken chain on her wrist, her godly tolerance to booze, the way she always avoids the other oni, the title of the manga and the fact that she never appears without the two buns in her hair suddenly made sense.

I felt like an idiot for not noticing in sooner. It's hilarious the way the author hid it in plain sight starting from the very first chapter and how it doesn't reach an actual reveal until 32 chapters in. After you realize she's an Oni bent on taking over the shrine all of sudden all sorts of weird little things she said and did since the start of the story are recontextualized in a totally new light and you realize she's really a 4 dimensional chess master whose been subtly playing people the whole time.

I wonder how many other fun little Easter eggs and secrets are hiding in plain site like this. I am sure this series is packed full of them.

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Oh man i just realized it's been an entire year since no one has seemed to have published scans (if any) of WaHH on this site..

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Nice, 2 months later and have new chapters. Godspeed ABK!

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Yay - i didnt know this was still being worked on - thanks :) I really wanna know how wahh turns out- and the fairy story is fun too!

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Always felt like this deserves way more views and comments. That ibara was an oni was pretty much clear from the first interaction she had with other characters. Also the chains...

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I ship Kasen with her right hand (")>

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Ooooh shit!

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I'm honestly just camping here waiting for the next chapter...
With the news of Touhou 17 coming out
This manga's story line became much more exciting!!
Up until like last year, i didn't even know about this treasure trove of Touhou lore
I had only thought that the only things that were official of Touhou were it's games
But then i found out that there are a BUNCH of mangas written by ZUN himself going deeper into the lore of Touhou!?
I was exalted!!

Enough of that, i'm really looking forward to how the story is going to progress now that
the true colours of Kasen has been unleashed...

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Hopefully the last two chapters come here soon.

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... any idea what will happen to the next final + extra stage mangas?

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Arm-chan is pretty cute, ngl.

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Is it possible to upload the last 2 chapters of this, it's pretty weird that it cuts off at this part.
As far as I know, other manga sites have it completed.

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Ah, so they finally uploaded the last few chapters. I havent seen the epilogue yet, though. Nice conclusion

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Combined Kasen is the hottest character in touhou, change my mind.

Glad that all chapters are on dynasty now, the epilogue is pure feelgood.

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