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Hey! there suppose to be an age gap and student teacher tag here?
Why there isn't in there?

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Oh noes!! why must this updated when my battery is almost die and am about to go to sleep?! gonna read this tomorrow!

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Huh... I was enjoying it quite a lot until the kiss... Felt.... Weird...

Okami Uploader
joined Aug 1, 2013

Love the art, nice story too.

joined May 24, 2013

Great and all but the teacher hasn't gotten over the other girl she loved. Could cause a lot of problems ya know?

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Art is great, set is also good, but story is somewhat lacking.
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Agreed that and their evil.

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Great and all but the teacher hasn't gotten over the other girl she loved. Could cause a lot of problems ya know?

But she's dead (I think), so it should be fine.

P.S. I like this author very much.

joined Mar 12, 2014

It was good. Maybe there's a continuation to this right?

Cheshire Cat
joined Dec 11, 2013

That's the first time I enjoy the Afterword more than entire of the story.

joined Mar 25, 2013

This was interesting, can't wait for the other six to be translated.

If they are gonna be translated of course.

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It was very interesting, I like it because it has something like a promise into future and I'm actually glad that sensei didn't say "I love you too". There was this feel also, the feel of, as the author said in the afterword, of pursuing love, It was nice to read, the art is good, and doesn't have the "but we're two girls" thing either. Hoping for more from this author.

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The teacher looked like she only kiss the student's forehead so that's ok for me. I think the ending has that "moving on" vibe.

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" Silenzio " + Yuri, I first thought Mulholland drive lol..

Sweet one-shot tho'

Yuri Project
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I liked it, it has a great potential but the kiss all of suddenly was a bit weird.

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Gives me nostalgia

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sequel please

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