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Miiko is adorable!

joined Feb 2, 2013

i see only now that this isn't in hiatus, but only the translation is dropped,
can i ask you why?

joined Oct 7, 2014

I've bought volume 3 & 4 on ebookjapan and I think I can totaly see why it was abandoned... 8-( Should have believed in scanlator's taste. By the way, ebookjapan has all volumes: Also it's a relatively easy read thanks to furigana magic.

joined Dec 16, 2013

Dropped coz not yuri?

joined Dec 28, 2015

Actually, I found a Japanese raw from volume 1-7 wonder if this could help:
Because I can only read hiragana and katagana but don't know the japanese vocabs, I don't understand what the characters say.
May I ask why it was dropped? I would like to know.

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