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joined Sep 25, 2013

Awww. I'm kinda glad it worked out this way.

drpepperfan Admin
joined Oct 12, 2010

What a cute one shot.

joined Feb 19, 2011

Ah that was really nice

joined Apr 6, 2013

So cute... the ending was really good and pretty unexpected :o

I agree, I like this ending better then the one I thought was going to happen. Now I kinda hope a follow up happens for Natsu someday.

joined Oct 15, 2013

So, this was sad-cute? Indeed that took a sudden turn (big sis blushing) when towards the ending, wasn't expecting that.

OrangePekoe Staff
joined Mar 20, 2013

Everything by this artist puts a smile on my face...the blushing at the end was wonderful!

joined Apr 27, 2013

Huh. I'm not sure if that's sad or heart-warming

joined Apr 5, 2013

I sense tsundere... Lol

joined Mar 9, 2013

have mixed feelings about this tsundere much for the big sis?..haha thanks for the post!

joined Dec 11, 2013

Haha, I've never seen any Yuri oneshot like this before :). I hope this will have a sequel.

joined Jun 1, 2013

I wouldn't 100% say the little sister has romantic feelings towards Kuga, girl-friends ship sure then. I'd call it platonic upper class senpai attraction, she's getting to her said adulthood and Kuga just came out beautifully from that picture perfect ;( Her big sister on the other hand, was unexpectedly..... a big sister after all LOL Hmp but I wanna see more of the side Kuga loves about her sister. What's more she loves about her other than she secretly cares about her little sister ? :O
Dang I wanna see it all. The end is kinda surprising for I thought the little sister will get to something with Kuga D: But anyhow, really really nice chapter.

Kudos for you all.

joined Jan 6, 2014

I like this so much, it ends even happier than the happy ending I expected.
And I like this author very much.

joined Oct 16, 2013

I really liked this one. I thought the sister angle it took was really refreshing and it pretty much perfectly summarized a sisterly relationship XD. I'd like to see a sequel from Aki or Kuga's POV.

joined Apr 14, 2013

Haha I wasn't expecting that XD

joined Apr 20, 2013

Such lovely one shot! No hard feelings, just.... Aaahhhh!! +fav

joined Jul 6, 2013

Too bittersweet. Sure, everything ended on a good note, but the little sister only got a silver medal in spite of everything...

joined Oct 15, 2013

I wouldn't 100% say the little sister has romantic feelings towards Kuga, girl-friends ship sure then. I'd call it platonic upper class senpai attraction---

Or a simple crush at most.

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joined Sep 12, 2013

my feel is confused

joined Jul 20, 2013

Lol that older sister was SUCH a tsundere! She's so cute pretending she's doing it for herself when she's being nice to her baby sister. The story made her seem like she was just going to be some bitch, but she turned out to be really adorable in the end. Very cute.
And I'm really liking this mangaka; she's quickly become a favorite.

joined Mar 30, 2012

Yeah, definitely liked this ending better than what (usually) wouldve happened :O nice change of pace I guess.

joined Apr 22, 2013

I saw it coming. Little things made it obvious.

I am a bit sad for imouto but I do hope she moves on and finds a love of her own.

Payapaya Scans
joined Jan 28, 2013

Maybe you guys don't know or don't remember, but when you're a kid, you can have serious, platonic admiration for someone to the point where you want to be with them all the time and get upset if you can't. You could call it a mild crush, but I think Natsu just wants to be friends with Kuga.

joined Mar 9, 2013

LOL...totally unexected! and I love it nevertheless! haha,.

joined Jan 30, 2013

Oh how cute.
I didn't expect that.

joined May 20, 2013

I wouldn't 100% say the little sister has romantic feelings...

From what was shown the sisters seem to have very similar tastes, so adding together the younger's thoughts and the older's actions suggests that Natsu would someday also be interested romantically in a girl like Yukiko, if that isn't exactly what mildly happened in the one-shot.

The nature of the sisters' relationship, which may be more realistic than usually depicted, and the unexplored characters just make the isolation of the story to be more painful.

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