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Leaps right up into the pantheon of best yuri one-shots, for me. You really get a good sense of how heartbroken senpai was after her breakup. That, coupled with Mei's refusal to give up on it, really made this great.
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Damn. That almost turned into one hell of a circle. I hate it when one's bad story turns into another's tragedy. It's sad, y'know?

Glad it didn't turn out that way. Gah. That photo at the end was just too cute. Kouhai is totally the dom one of the two. Too much cute.

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Finally some good and sweet ending from this author.

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Finally some good and sweet ending from this author.

"Secret on the Lips" is good ending as well. (and I really like it for some reason)

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I don't give a crap if it's cliche. There's bad cliche stories and good cliche stories, and great cliche stories! This one-shot falls into the "great" category!

Freaking adorabetes.

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I really like it, and it doesn't really come across as cliche to me? The whole 'high school girlfriends break up once they graduate' trope is commonly brought up in yuri, but usually only in passing. This is the first I've read that explicitly questions it and sets out to show why it's wrong and isn't always so. So even if that's a common and even cliched line, it deals with it in a pretty original and non-cliched way!

Plus the couple are really cute and I love drama with happy endings so~~

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i liked hw she tape the picture

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Great read. Looking forward to the sequel. \o/

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Not that much of a fake after all, hmm?

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It looks like a happy end,huh? :))

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In light of all the conversations about "Class S" lately, it's nice to come back to a well told story that basically comes out and says that "Class S" is bullshit. And even better, manages to be romantic while doing it.

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Whenever I see a Drama tag pop up, I always look into the forum to make sure I don't end up sad when reading these one-shots. I'm glad I did, this one turned out sweet and happy, albeit bittersweet.

Does anyone know if there is anyone working on the sequel to this? I really want to know if these two have their happy ending.

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sequel is out now.

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Dear Yuri Goddess,

Please let me know if I could take reality picture with a certain someone like in this manga this year.

That's actually a great idea for a story. A girl has a crush on another girl, but us too shy and anxious to do anything about it. So, she takes photos of her and shops them together with her own pictures doing relationship-py things together. Then, something supernatural happens to make them come true. Idk where it would go from there, but it has a happy ending that makes their love seem mutual and not forced.

Alternate story: Magic camera that predicts future yuri happenings. Think "Say cheese and die", but with less accidents and lez accidents

Edit: I just realized this concept is just Dream Drops, but with photos instead of dreams. My bad :p

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