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fuck yeah loli yuri sexytime!!

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sexy-o-meter... very high!!!.

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Really sweet :O

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hawttt..! thankyoumoreplease :P

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Where does the credit page background image come from?

It came from the anime Vividred Operation

joined May 22, 2012

awsome! and even the credit page is quite interesting, yeah.. definitely!

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Happy sex is always a pleasure

OrangePekoe Admin
joined Mar 20, 2013

Where does the credit page background image come from?

From Mytyl's pixiv gallery. Also added her pixiv on the artist page. Do note that she is also well-versed as a het artist.

joined Jul 17, 2013

I really liked it u v u

joined Sep 23, 2013

Just what I needed. Om Nom Nom Nom.

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Perfect. Just what my heart was craving for!!
Thank you guys! You've just saved one perver's life!! =")

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sexy-o-meter... very high!!!.


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I demand more nsfw yuri.

joined Apr 8, 2013

Just what I needed before lunch. <3 More please.

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The first part with lolicon scenes has made me feel that it was creepy. Maybe I am the only one that thinks these sort of things with kawaii characters are creepy.. Ah, forget me u_u. BTW, the other sex parts are really nice :3

joined Aug 6, 2013

The first story is amazing. One of the best NSFW oneshots I've read.

joined Feb 12, 2013

Awww, so cute and, I WANT MOAR!
I liked the first part the most^^ Maybe because Chihine loos kawaii ;)

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hmmmmm..... I originally shied away because of the loli tag, but after finally reading the story, both were really good. each story did not seem too outrageous.

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The first time I read this, when I saw "Children are said to be innocent", I was like "Yeah right". My innocence was lost when I was 5 XD

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I liked the first story, they are cuter

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Yes these things do happen in real life. When things happen to children that they don't understand, they may act it out in play with one another... Chihine experienced something of explicate sexual nature then acted it out on Tsugumi to further understand it. As to what, I'd rather not think about it...

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WOW The first history is cute

Nezchan Moderator
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I am having trouble understanding the 2nd story.

Pretty straightforward, I think. Short-hair is in love with long-hair, although the latter doesn't know it. Long-hair fools around with guys, but never gets in anything long term. So she doesn't really love them. Circumstances lead to them having sex, which distresses short-hair because she's serious. Long-hair's actions at the end make it clear that she takes short-hair as a serious romantic possibility, same as she would with a guy. Maybe even more so.

Upshot is, long-hair is bisexual and there's hope for an actual long term relationship.

joined Apr 25, 2017

First one was good. Second... eeeeehhh.. Never was too keen on the bisexual tag. Also fooling around with guys is, for me, kind of unpleasant.

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