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I was actually looking for this earlier. I'd read it before and could have sworn it was here, but yeah... I love this story. Patchy/Koa is just such an endearing pairing.

I just love the idea of Koa being such an innocent devil, and Patchy's feelings growing from something dutiful to a protective love.

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Heh, I like how the printed text of Koa's note doesn't match the words of the note itself. So very Japanese.

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It's taken me some bit of time to get used of Koakuma being called Petite. While the story is great, calling her that seems to be... wrong. I don't know the reason why but it just seems so wrong... Well, thanks for the translator anyways! It got translated! And I think I've seen this somewhere before... I just don't know where... Hmmm...

Curious. Most curious.

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Quite good, really nice art.

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Oh, dear Akis, we need more pages like #12. Patchy just looks so sly, so sexy...

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