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yep it's always gotta be NaoRei. the scanlator has good taste.

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ch 7.5 the truth we all know.

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Yup! even in the extra chapter she is all into yuri now! We can expect more jokes with the mouse.
Thanks for translating and happy new year, I hope you all get lot of love.

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Well I see Chi got that special out in time for New Years, he kept that one from all of us until recently. Oh, the truth of MMOs, My wife and I confused people to no end because I played a female character and she played a male, when I call her "My wife" they start thinking I'm a guy until we explain that we are both female... oh the insanity that starts from when people realize that not everything is what it seems.

I'll get to work on clean up of Cha 8 tomorrow. Promise... Before my other work!

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You go do that. Very good work here! :)

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Totally not otaku, is just for friendship!(...) Pure Friendship Flash!
Adorable... She is going to die of embarrassment one of these days.

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Ch 8, I think we all can relate to that feeling, the "MUST WATCH NEXT EPIOSDE!" feeling.

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Never have I watched PreCure, but... I'm seriously thinking about it now, thanks to this amazing manga.

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Now there needs to be an extra chapter or something where someone tells her how easy it is to find this stuff on the Internet.

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Now there needs to be an extra chapter or something where someone tells her how easy it is to find this stuff on the Internet.

Or ask one of her friends. Or steal it from her brother...

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Oh, gosh! I am loving this so much. ><

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Now there needs to be an extra chapter or something where someone tells her how easy it is to find this stuff on the Internet.

Or ask one of her friends. Or steal it from her brother...

I don't think she'd want to ask her (new) friends, because that could mean revealing that she hasn't seen every series at least once through, and I'm pretty sure she wants them to think that. Remember how embarrassed and confused she was when she almost revealed that she didn't realise there were more seasons after the original?
Makoto might be an acceptable robbery victim, though. He hangs out with gross creeps and is borderline gross himself; it's quick-acting karma.

I'm so enjoying this series, as a big recent Precure fan. (Can you tell who my favourite Cure is?) It does have the occasional clunky moment that makes me think 'Yeah, that's a dude's view of girls, nothing to do with how girls actually think or act' but for the most part it's super cute and funny and honours the fandom while affectionately parodying it.

I'm also hoping for True Yuri Love, although I have the feeling that even if Akina soon acknowledges to herself that she's really attracted to Kaede, Kaede will remain cutely oblivious for a long time.

Finally, I so wish that there was a high-quality 'Design your own Precure!' Flash game like the Sailor Senshi one based on Drachea Rannak's fanart. The only ones I've been able to find are distinctly rinky-dink.

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To all the things Airy said, +100

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Well, I guess now she won't be so focused on "curing" her from being an otaku... Right? I mean, Akina's friend doesn't seen like the type who would make fun of a girl just from being an otaku so she can introduce Kaede as her girl- her friend and there won't be problems and she is enjoying herself with games and anime. I guess the only thing stopping her now is the infinite stubbornness of a tsundere

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Really funny manga !!!
It would be amazing if this manga had an anime version... :D

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I loved this chapter! Best parts: Akina's friends being so much more understanding than she realised, and Makoto being firmly on the RIGHT SIDE of the creep border re: lolicon and sistercon. His friends are terrible, but he seems to have his head screwed on.

If Akina now sees that she can balance both her new interest in Precure and her existing interest in fashion, and that she can share both with Kaede and Micchy - and can probably share both with her old-school friends, too, because it seems like they'd be accepting and take an interest too - hopefully she can RELAX a bit and enjoy life more.

She has such iron-clad and inflexible ideas about people's social roles, herself included, and flips the heck out when anyone isn't what they appear to be, or acts counter to the reputation they've established. It's okay to grow and change, kiddo! Think of what a terrified scaredy-cat Cure Peace was to start with, afraid of her own attacks, and how brave she became by the end of the season. And it never made her any less cute and lovable.

Plus, in a way she was already sharing fashion talk with Kaede and Micchy, just about dressing their game avatars instead of their real bodies. Virtual fashion counts too!

Cavils: Aaaargh why does this guy keep drawing Akina sitting on the toilet seat with her skirt on! If she isn't using the toilet (which, yeah, no need to show us that) and just wanted to sit down in a private place, she would close the lid and sit on that! Gross.
Also Konatsu REALLY needs to stop grabbing people's boobs without consent. Not cool.

Best gag: 'I feel like all I've been doing is reacting to bad jokes.'

Sweetest part: Akina's 'a woman's love' fantasy. Awwwww. All romance and roses! And naked cuddling.

Final thought: I want a ☆9 rare toilet cat strap.

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Akina's brother is pretty chill for a perverted otaku. I'm pretty sure in most cases the older brother wouldn't put up with much of his little sister's antics, but Makoto, on the other hand, is completely submissive to Akina's pushing.

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Thanks for another page Comet scans. It is interesting seeing how Akina's older set of friends act.

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Konatsu x Touko is my second pairing for this manga. XD

Payapaya Scans
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Wow, this is fantastic. Chapter 9 is really well done, it has all the characters giving a little insight and hits just the right note with all of them. Picked up hard.

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The page where she says her first name, was one of the cutest things ive ever seen :3 grabbin her sleave like that X3

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I lost it so hard on "prepure cyclone shot."

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I lost it so hard on "prepure cyclone shot."

And with that, she became the most evident otaku in her class... and maybe in the entire school.
°-°) I need them to get closer... and closer ... and -hnnnng!

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